In today’s environment, whether it is air, water, soil or food there is a

percentage – probably about 80% that is now toxic to humans and animals

that are on this planet.  YOUR body needs to have those toxins pulled out of

your body – because if left in the body there is accumulation of all those



it could be depleted uranium from all the wars around the world and the

winds that blow through to pick them up.  It could the weaponizing of foods

that have all kinds of preservatives in or the air that is polluted with many

kinds of toxins that have been weaponized.

I have taken organic calcium bentonite clay for about 15 years – I have used

it in my bath but mostly I drink small amounts every so often.  There are

directions for making this drink and you can keep it in a mason jar and

drink small amount every week or so.  Get the book and read the directions

on how to make the drink and it has a lot of other remedies in the book

also.  It is call:  “Living Clay”. by Perry A.  Full of information for a healthy

future for you and your family.