YOU and keeping YOUR Aging mind sharp


Below are some ideas about keeping YOUR mind sharp as you

age from that you can use:

  1. Exercise
  2. read a book
  3. eat right
  4. maintain good posture
  5. sleep well
  6. paint, draw or doodle
  7. Listen to music
  8. Learn something new
  9. do puzzles
  10. write


Tai Chi

Developed in China more than 2,000 years ago.  Tai Chi is a

gentle form of exercise that has been described as “meditation in

motion”.  In other words, the motions are slow and controlled.

Studies have shown that regularly practicing Ti Chi benefits

seniors in a number of ways:


Improves symptoms of arthritis

Improves symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

Effectively reduces stress

Provides overall pain relief

Improves feeling of overall well-being

Improves flexibility

Lowers blood pressure


From the website, here are some ways to challenge your


  1. read
  2. go back to school
  3. play games and puzzles
  4. pick up an instrument
  5. write
  6. sleep
  7. exercise
  8. eat healthfully
  9. socialize


Here is something from Huffington post:

  1. stay social
  2. keep your brain challenged
  3. keep your stress levels low
  4.  do not forget about your body
  5. eat right


All the websites say the same thing but in different wording to

keep the mind/brain functioning until we die:

Eat right






Have a daily plan for all these things-

Plan your day

Do not let your day plan YOU


Turn off YOUR TV = only watch one hour of TV a day.  If you

watch Netflix or Amazon prime always be doing a project as you

watch – do not waste time just fixated on that TV with those pixels

wiring your brain.


Do everything you can so that your brain functions well – make it

your goal.