YOU and the Spirituality of Laser Physicist Russell TARG

Dr. Targ is a very special person-

He is legally blind

His real last name is T

His family is from Poland-and in 1937 his father went to Poland to

bring them all back to America-and none of them would come and

of course, they went through the Holocaust in the years that came

to be.

His father owned books stores, and was a publisher and was a

person who knew a lot of the great authors of the era.

He is an only child.

His daughter became a physicist and died from brain tumor at 40

years of age.  He loved his daughter very much.

He has 2 other successful boys.

Dr. Targ’s memoirs are a fantastic read-I hope you get a chance

to read that book – plus the others he has written.

He cannot see beyond about 2 feet in front of himself.  I am

amazed that he was able to do so much with his life.  He has a

remarkable spirit about him.

He believes’ our business should be about our consciousness.

Throughout the book, you realize he sees beyond what 95% of

earthly people see.

He initiated remote viewing programs for the US military.  Of

course, no one I know would agree with the use of some

military programs are used but his brilliance is appreciated.  Dr.

Miller, also a physicist, quit being a physicist when he realized it

was all going to military industrial industry.

The book covers so much of the 20th century because Dr. Targ

lived most of the 20th century is important to a lot that went on

in the military and CIA.


The book deals with both science and spirituality.  And it is hard

for us that are not physicist to understand how a person can be so

spiritual, like Dr. Targ, come from an industry that sells WARS

with the projects, they have worked on

Yet, he writes about Buddhism and then on quantum physics.

We should all try to understand how a man so spiritual and

worked years in the CIA and different jobs