YOU and Immanuel Velikovsky

He wrote great books in the universe, he did all his research.  I

have in my library most of his books and have read them.  I also

have the book written by his daughter who was also a Ph.D. and

wrote about what her father went through mentally when he his

work was rejected, ridiculed and had a hard time getting them



His work has proven to be factual and true – after 40 years of

being disparaged


I also have the book his daughter wrote about her father having

been through those hard years.  Dr. Ruth Velikovsky Sharon is a



Because there were high-level educators that dismissed his work

over the years it took it toll on Dr. Velikovsky mentally.  His

theories from his research all have been proven to be true and

factual.  One of his theories is that the temperature of Venus is

very high and yet the educators were saying it is the same

temperature as earth.  Now we know that Venus temperature is

very high.


The educators and researchers who maintained that what

Velikovsky was not correct but they would only be proven wrong

as our space travel over the years has proven Dr. Velikovsky

correct and those educators and researchers have been made to

look like the uneducated people they are.  Carl Sagan even went

along with the criticism of Dr. Velikovsky.


Never giving up over the years it caused great depression for Dr.

Velikovsky..  We all want our work and research, maybe not to be

glorified but appreciated by our colleagues and equals.


It was never ending and never did end for Dr. Velikocvsky, even

after his death.  I can still see some reviews that there are still left

over non-believers and it breaks my heart after all that has come

out and from all the space travel that has proved his theories



Always know that when YOU challenge the prevailing views and

theories that there will be fallout.

Harvard’s head of the department of Astronomy dept. went after Dr.

Velikovsky for the rest of his life.  Never reading his material, just

not wanting to believe in another thesis because then all they

were teaching would be considered wrong.

I find Dr. Velikovsky a giant among men who have done research

after research for years and years and writes about it only to have

their peers dismiss their work is disturbing that they would not try

to verify the thesis, they disagreed with.  And made a brilliant


into a depressed mind over years and years.


Read Dr. Vilikovsky’s books, at least 1 or 2 and enjoy his journey

of research from cultural myths to reality.