YOU and how video games –anything electronic – can affect the brain

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Video gaming is an incredibly popular pastime in the US, with

more than 150 million regular users, defined as those who play at

least three hours a week.  In fact, the majority of US household –

65% are home to at least one person who plays video games



If you or your children play video games regularly, there are some

factors to consider0from how it affects your time spent sitting to

exposure to blue light from the screen.  Recent research also

highlights the very real changes that video gaming can cause in

your brain, for better or for worse.:

A meta-analysis of 116 studies recently published in Frontiers in

Human Neuroscience set out to determine the neural basis of

video gaming, or what effects gaming has on your brain


There are some good things:


Visuospatial skills

Cognitive workload

Cognitive control

Skill acquisition

The downside of video games to your brain

“Internet gaming disorder”  has been suggested as a new

psychiatric diagnosis to be included in the American Psychiatric

Associations diagnostic and statistical manual of mental


like other addictive disorders, especially on substance addictions

such as pathological gambling.

Violent content

Research even shows that among boys aged 15 to 19years old,

the longer the time spent in front of screens, including playing

video games, the lower their bone mineral density measured.

Excessive use of electronics take away many opportunities to

engage in weight-bearing activities, which is key for building strong


Video games can be a safe and entertaining hobby with some

benefits to the brain but set a time per day, can become an addiction

and the violence.  Balance with more creative activities