YOU and how to keep Brain/Mind wired to be the BEST

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Until the 1980s, the scientific consensus was that the nervous

system was fixed and incapable of regeneration.  The growth of

neurons was considered most active during prenatal

development.  As we age, neurons atrophy, the thinking went.  No

scientists believe new neurons are continually born throughout


Several breakthrough studies suggest that we may have more

control over how our brains functions and develop throughout

adulthood-our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions than previously


Why does this matter?  Because by learning how to control our

mentality, we may be able to deliberately reshape our neural

pathways and rew=wire our brains to make ourselves more

successful a fulfilled.  In other words, shape your brain and you

can shape your life.

In w007, Harvard Medical School conducted a study with

volunteers in a lab who were asked to learn and practice a five-

finger piano exercise.  A neuroscientist instructed half of the

volunteers to play as fluidly as they could, trying to keep to the

metronome’s 60 beats per minute, two hours a day for five days.

The other half were instructed to merely think about practicing the

piano, holding their hands still while playing the music in them

heads.  At the end of the five days, both groups underwent a

transcranial-magnetic-stimulation test, which enabled scientists to

infer the function of neurons.

The test results showed that in both groups, the stretch of motor

cortex devoted to these finger movements took over surrounding

areas.  The finding was in line with a growing number of

discoveries showing that greater use of a particular muscle

causes the brain to devote more cortical growth to it.  Practice

rewires the brain. More startling, however, was that the same

region of the brain had expanded in the volunteers who merely

thought about playing in a disciplined way.

Here are 5 ways to rewire your brain for meaningful life changes:

Identify the beliefs that support your intention

Embrace your positive emotions


Take actions that support your intention

Repeat, repeat, and keep repeating

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How to release emotional toxicity

While the ancient Vedic sages were not able to study the brain at

the cellular level, they knew that meditation is a powerful practice

for regaining inner calm and aquarium.  Ayurveda teaches that

just as physical toxins, can build up in our cells, we can also

accumulate mental toxicity in the form of unresolved anger, fear,

doubt, craving, compulsiveness, and emotional upset.


Let it go – let God take it – send it all out to the universe.

You cannot rewire YOUR brain for success if you are holding onto

stress, and all the negatives.