YOU and how Depression can affect YOUR Brain/Mind

This is from Mercola-which I have read his healthy information for

almost 20 years now-have bought a lot of his products over the

years and believe his information and research is beyond

reproach.   Listen up to what he says about depression

Recurring depressive episodes reduce the size of

your hippocampus, a brain area involved in formatting emotions

and memory, a smaller hippocampus equates toa loss of

emotional and behavioral function.

Chronic inflammation may be the most important underlying risk

factor for depression, and virtually all effective treatments for

depression also address inflammation

Key treatment strategies include trading processed foods for real

food, with an emphasis on fermented foods to optimize your fat

flora, exercise, and optimizing your vitamin D by getting

appropriate sun exposure.

That depression can take a toll on your physical health is pretty

well-recognized.  Recent research has also found that it can

actually cause changes in your brain

Specifically, recurring depressive episodes reduce the size of

your hippocampus-an area of your brain involved in forming

emotions and memory-stressing the importance of early

intervention, especially among teenagers.

Your memory is not only restricted to remembering dates and

passwords, it aloes plays an important role in developing and

maintain your sense of self.

Scientists have also found that your mental health can be

adversely impacted by factors such as vitamin D deficiency and/or

unbalanced gut floa-oboth of which, incidentally, play a role in

keeping inflammation in check, which is really what the remedy to

depression is all about.

Eating real food may be key for successful treatment of


Optimizing your gut flora appears to be absolutely crucial for good

mental health, which is understandable when you consider that

gut bacteria actually manufacture neurochemicals such as

dopamine and serotonin, along with vitamins that important for

brain health.


Real food, real food, real food

Prevention, Prevention