YOU and new study reveals the surprising effects of Spirituality

on the Brain


There is a growing body of research that has conclusively

demonstrated the powerful, positive effects that meditation and

mindfulness practices have on the brain and body, and a new

a collaborative study between professors at Columbia University and

the New York State Psychiatric Institute is now taking these

findings one step further.  In a summary of their findings the report

show that they have found a direct correlation between the level

of importance, a person places on spirituality in their lives and the

thickness of a certain region of their brains.


The study found that people who expressed that spirituality or

religion was important to them had significantly thicker cerebral

cortices-a part of the brain rich in highly active neutral networks

responsible for sensory perception, language, and emotion

processing than those who did not.

This came from

I have talked about this before:

Dr. Joseph Murphy’s books – all of them help in spirituality and


Ho’oponopona is a wonderful technique that I use constantly

also.   in my daily meditation, I use this technique a lot and have

found it works for me spiritually as does any of my meditations

that I have been doing since in my 40s.

All the meditations do for you is to heal you, transmute their

problems and become a more loving and peaceful person.  They

all help you connect with the Higher Power that is a creator of all

things and that shows we are all connected and we never die.

Just our physical being dies but our consciousness, our soul, and

our spirit never die; our energy never dies because energy

cannot die.  We live in a universe made of energy and vibrations

as we each are made of energy and vibrations.