YOU and have a Happy and Healthy Mind as YOU age


Listed below are 10 ways to keep your mind active and aging healthy:

Eat healthy

Watch what you drink

Have an exercise program


Change of scenery once in awhile

Have a hobby

Accepting that you are unique

Care for others and volunteer

Exercise your mind

Intellectual curiosity

Foster creativity

Spiritual connectedness


Mental exercise is very important as we age because it is not

About sitting in front of the TV




Yard work




Dancing classes

There are so many ways to keep your mind sharp

Our mind is the very essence of our being what makes us feel

alive.  What are we without our mind?  Our perception,

experiences, feelings and the ability to think and act are all

processed by our mind.  Doesn’t that require us to keep our mind

healthy at all costs?

A healthy mind one that is not scattered al over the place.  It is

not grieving the past nor is it anxious about what might befall in

the future.  It is focused and productive and at the peak of its

creativity.  It can be all this only when it is free of stress.  Stress is

responsible for making a mind dull and for triggering emotional

and physical problems.  Have you noticed how easily someone?

can get you to shout and howl when you are already stressed?

A healthy mind keeps you calm and composed even at troubled

times.  You are able to enjoy what you are doing now, be it

reading this article, getting a report done on time, or walking your

dog.  It strengthens your relationships with people.  In fact, your

mind is so powerful that it can also affect your physical and

emotional health.  You are more like to fall ill when you are

stressed because your immune system weakens.

I believe that meditation and/or prayer helps eliminates stress-

because you are connecting with your higher power and

understand that you are the only person you control.

Pray/meditate for others but accept and realize that it only about

YOU who you can control.  Not your partner, nor your children or

family or any of your friends.  That eliminates 90% of stress when

you realize it is only YOU

Be kind to yourself, encourage and empower YOURself