YOU and a Happy Spirit as YOU age

There are many, many things one can do to have a Happy Spirit.

I will talk about many over time but today Lewis Richmond has

some thoughts and I think they are good and maybe add them to

your already Happy Spirit.


I often teach that Buddhism is about how-to be truly happy, so I

have been studying the new research field of “happiness studies,”

which focuses on the objective measures and causes of

happiness.  Researchers have found three factors that reliably

increase happiness as we grow older-gratitude, generosity, and

reframing (seeing your situation from a more positive

perspective.)  Not surprisingly, the Buddhist tradition offers these

same three factors as spiritual practices for cultivating happiness.

I would add two more-curiosity and flexibility.


Linda’s Thank You prayer to God and the Ho’Op-Thank you, I

love you, Please Forgive me, I am sorry.  This little prayer for

others is a wonderful prayer I use daily.



Giving is truly a spiritual practice and it naturally lifts our spirit


Reframing:  aging includes its share of reverses, losses, and

sorrows.  What makes the difference is our attitude about them.

We focus on the positive aspects of the present, t=rather than

the regret of the past and worries about the future.


Curiosity – curiosity is an important attitude to cultivate as we age.

Keeps us young, we need to cherish it.

Flexibility.  Things change as we age, and some of those changes

are irrevocable.  Our youthful stamina is gone forever, a dying

friend will never return; Never give up, never let aging get the

better of you.  Enjoy their old age to the very end.

Use these 5 items to their very best – Change sometimes is the

most difficult but to die of old age and not of disease is what the

aim should be.


What is your protocol for dying of old age?

I have mine-it is on all the blogs I write –and it is on the podcast I

do once a week. Listen for my protocol –