YOU and YOUR Spiritual Growth

At the end of every year, we each should end up having had some

spiritual growth for that year.  Year by year, we might not notice a

lack of spiritual growth in our lives.  But you would be surprised

how quickly ten yers can pass without having memorized one

more verse of scripture, without confronting a habitual sin in our

life, without having shared the gospel with an unbeliever, without

having experienced a point in our walk with God that lit a fire under

me and caused me to live differently.  Or your Higher Power, or

your Infinite Intelligence.  Having a daily walk with You and who

you meditate to and pray to is a growth we do not think about too

much because our walk is always good.


  1. Pick a “theme” for the year.


Voice will be softer


Be grateful every day


Do a good deed without wanting any acknowledgment


  1. keep a journal daily on your blessings


  1. Read 3 books a month to help your spiritual life


  1. Study a topic that will help you grow spiritually


The Greek word for “grow”, aux nano,” means “to increase, to

become more fruitful or to become greater.”


Growing spiritually means some kind of internal change. And it is

just plain hard to makes changes in our life.


Work this year on becoming more-something deeper on the



The reality is, few people make efforts to change from the inside

out and those who do find that, in comparison, losing fifty pounds

is simple, even easy.  External change is difficult but the true internal

transformation is a monumental feat.

Be kinder

Be less selfish

Less judgmental

Less demanding

More humble

More honest

More generous

More integrity

The list can go on and on


The author, theologian, and atheist-turned-Christian

  1. S. Lewis said, “Every Christian is to become a little Christi.”

Be that person who “Does unto others as you would have them

do unto you.”