I have been on the computer since the 1960s in one way or

another.  I can code and do a little website building as you can tell

from my website.  I have had accounting programs I purchased in

the 1980s that I did bookkeeping for small companies, along with

pre-excel spreadsheets over the last 30 years.  I am familiar with

the electronic damage all these electronic tools bring into our lives.

I do try to counter it with detoxing, juicing, and lots of nutrition

but yet I know I eat processed food when I go out and eat but here

in my home, I try to keep only nutrition items for my body.

Today I am going to write from the EM Watch which talks about

the electromagnetic radiation from many sources.

The following is a list from EMWatch of major contributors to EMF pollution:

cell or mobile phones

digital phones and base stations

computers and related equipment

wireless gaming consoles and base stations

wireless baby monitors and base stations

electrical appliances(including TVx)

electronic equipment

cell phones masts

radio and TV transmitters

microwave ovens


high and low voltage power lines

information networks

cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, and planes

smart meters(electricity or gas meters which transmit radio signals)

The average level of EMF we experience every day is estimated at 50 times greater than our parents experienced at the same age.

Practically every new invention adds something to electromagnetic radiation pollution.

When an electromagnetic wave passes through your body, it induces an electric current inside you.

List of symptoms of exposure to EMF pollution


concentration difficulties



memory impairment



skin rashes

sleep disturbance

The following diseases have been associated with high levels of EMF pollution in scientific studies’




blood pressure

brain cancer

breast cancer



heart disease

and much more