YOU and changing Negative (depression type) thinking into

Positive and Inspirational Thinking

The following is from Rick Hanson, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist,

founder of the Wells Spring Institute for Neuroscience and

Contemplative Wisdom, and New York Times best-selling author,

humans are evolutionarily wired with a negativity bias.  Our

minds naturally focus on the bad and not the good.  It was

much more important for our ancestors to avoid threats than to

collect rewards; An individual who successfully avoided a threat

would wake up the next morning and have another opportunity to

collect a reward, but an individual who did not avoid the threat

would have no such opportunity.


The more that individual thought patterns trend negative and

slip into rumination-continually turning over a situation in one’s

mind and focusing on its negative aspects the easier it becomes

to return automatically to these thought patterns.


That is not so great for our health.  Ruminating can damage the

neural structures that regulate emotions, memory, and feelings.

Even when our stress and worry is completely hypothetical and

not based on any real or current situation the amygdala and

the thalamus is not able to differentiate this hypothetical stress from

the kind that actually needs to be listened to.


One needs to meditate daily and maintain positive and

inspirational thoughts- and it is not easy to do this.  One of the

things that I have been able to work on in that area is that:  I let

God, and let go of anything and everything that is out of my



Meditating and letting go and exercise and keep moving ahead

with my projects have helped me in my daily walk.


Everyone has to learn what is best for their brain to keep a

positive and motivating mind

Of course, you and I are never going to be happy, inspired, and

positive 100% of the time.  But, it does take work and a daily

program and protocol that we each have and use.