The book ‘Prisoner of Your Thoughts is a follow up of the great book by Viktor Frankl “Search

for a Meaningful Life”. but Dr. Alex Pattakos’s books is about the work environment and

following up on Dr. Frankl’s book.  What a wonderful combination to keep Dr. Frankl’s book

alive in today’s work environment.

It is very important, on a daily basis, that we remember we each want to have a meaningful

life, whether it is in our home, with family and friends, or in the work place.

After you have read “The Road Less Traveled” and find out life is not easy but we can have a

good attitude, we can make each day count, and we shall make the effort today for the good

days tomorrow.

She waited for things to happen in her life

She waited for someone to help her make it happen

She waited and waited.  No one came to rescue her.

She would have had to walk through the door by herself and take the opportunities as they presented themselves.

Can you walk through the door

Have you already walked through the door

Are you making things happen in your life-so that your life has meaning?

It may not be today, may not be tomorrow but make this time worth while.