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Having any kind of garden can help you and your health


There are a lot of wonderful ways that any gardening can help in YOUR health


Listed below are just some of the wonderful reasons to do any kind of gardening but in my lifetime I have had acres of garden with a neighbor and we canned beans, made ketchup, froze peas, grew jalapenos in Iowa, grew beets, and my Dad tried to grow celery in my garden.  We planted lots of potatoes and even did corn.  But now I do container plants – have beautiful tubular begonias and some other flowers but because my condo does not get enough sun I cannot do vegetable or fruit.


Gardening can reduce risk for stroke


Burn calories


Reduce risk of heart disease


Decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis


Stress buster


Improves one’s health


Making meaning out of our life


Enables us to enter the “zone” also known as an altered state of



Means of survival If necessary


Digging in soil has actual health and mood boosting benefits


Improves relationships and compassion


Lower risk of dementia


Strengthens your immune system


Here are some more reasons to play in the dirt:


Get enough vitamin D


Play in the dirt


Getting grounded – EARTHING


Stress relief


Eat vegetables


Getting exercise


There are so many reasons to plant and care that there is NO REASON NOT TO HAVE SMALL OR LARGE GARDEN


Other reasons:


Sense of responsibility


Be nurturers


Keeps us connected to other living things


Helps us relax and let go


Working in nature release happy hormones


Reminds us to live in the present moment


Reminds us of the cycle of life, and to come to terms with that most universal of anxieties; death


Can allow us to vent anger and aggression


Allows us to feel in control


Gardening is easy


Gardening is good for children and gives all the benefits for


Children as it does for adults.


Love sitting on my deck and enjoying my flowers.


Earthling and gardening is so good for YOU – you do not need to spend hours doing either but spend some time for a lot of health benefits for SELFhood.


Some more good reasons to garden:




Heart health


Hand strength and dexterity


Brain health and Alzheimer’s risk


Immune regulation


Depression and mental health


Gardening can strengthen YOUR immune system, dirt also

contains a natural antidepressant called Mycobacterium vaccae.

According to research, this particular antidepressant microbe

causes cytokine levels to increase, which in turns boosts the

production of serotonin.  The research as conducted by Bristol

University and University College London.


As we age, gardening helps to stimulate the brain.


Gardening helps in physical exercise, social interactions,

cognitive learning and reducing risks of dementia for people in

their 60s and 70s.









The choice is a central part of life.  How to make a good Choice for



The right, power, or opportunity to choose.


The choice is about YOU and choice is personal and choice effects

others deeply.  And the choice YOU make today will affect all the

other choices in the years to come as YOU age.  Even a small

choice has ripples.  It may not be noticeable but I still effect more

than just today.


Learn to make the correct choice for YOU and to learn from the

wrong choice.


YOUR life is guided and defined by the choices YOU make

Know and appreciate those good choices are harder to make than

poor ones

Accomplishment of an important goal always starts with an

important choice.


Many of YOUR choices are under the control or influence of

others.  This should not be but is a normal thing.


Be a good thinker – so that your can make good choices.


Good choices are generated in our minds


Decisions that you make today started with a choice back when.

Choose the good things – integrity, peace, love, forgiveness and

keep choosing the POSITIVE things in life so that YOU will get

where you want to go and


What Does Life Expect from YOU?


I have had, over my lifetime, quite a few in my family that has

had terrible addictions.  Whether they have been from alcohol or

drugs – both have been very bad upon their life.

From my observation and I believe many phycologists will agree

that when a person with an addiction crosses the line to being

called an addict – the person’s development stops at that time

and until the can get over that addiction the maturing and

development will always be there and in their life.  That person’s

choices will not be positive or in their best interest or their family

or friends best interest.  The choice for an addict is always about

feeding the addiction – that is their #1 priority.  Everything else

takes second in their life.


For those of us who are not addicts – choice has an obvious and

immediate moral significance.


Decision-making is something all of us need to learn to do.  And

to master decision-making skills and making good decisions

depends on several factors:


Person’s developmental stage/age

Idea of right a wrong

What the decision-making process entail.



Starting young to learn to make choices is not too young.  I tried

to give my children challenges so they could make a choice and

learn how to make the correct with our family values.

Never give a child more than 2 choices – let them make the

decision and how to choose for them.


As we age we know how to choose and make better choice’s

because we know SELF better and what values we are living by.






YOU are in charge of how much nutrition YOUR body needs

Because YOU are the only one with YOUR unique body.

So, gear up and have courage about:


The 4 key nutrients your body needs:

  1. Fat
  1. Saturated Fat
  1. Sugars
  1. Sodium


And of course, the big ones:




Vitamins & Minerals


Because YOUR nutrition and nutrients are different than anyone

Else’s nutrition and nutrients YOU need to know about YOU

And that is what this website and only this website helps YOU

Learn about YOU.  Especially, the podcast talks about the


Unique YOU with all your characteristics


Look at food that provides nourishment for the body to do

What YOU need to do in life so that:

What Does Life Expect from YOU?


YOU will know and grow


Substances which provide energy:

Energy is not a nutrient but food energy is important for

providing energy for YOUR daily activities.


Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are converted into energy in

different quantities.  Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients

for the body but are not converted into energy


Energy is required to fuel body processes and physical activity.



Fat contributes to energy intake and helps you absorb is vital

Vitamins, therefore a healthy diet should always contain a certain

amount of fat.

Saturated fat is predominately from animal sources

Unsaturated is predominately from vegetable sources

Too much-saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol and can

Increase risk of heart disease.  Intake should be no more than

Your daily recommended intake-LEARN what YOUR Intake

Should be-YOUR Uniqueness.



Sugars are carbohydrates that provide the body with energy, our

body’s fuel.  They occur naturally in fruit, vegetables, and dairy

foods.  Try not to use anything with man-made sugars in them-

almost any amount of man-made anything will put YOUR body

into the disease mode.



I have already done a blog about how important salt is to our

body – refer back to that blog.

Only use unrefined salt like the blog talks about – STOP buying

Any other kinds of salt – for YOUR best interest.



Important for the growth and repair of the body’s cells and for

building muscle.


It can also be used to provide energy.  Some good sources of

protein:  fish, meat, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, and yogurt are

animal sources



Vegetables based protein include legumes, soybeans, baked

beans, kidney beans chickpeas and lentils, nuts and seeds.

Choose protein-rich foods that are low in saturated fat.




The main source of energy that fuels our body and everything it does,

even thinking.  They are sugars and starches.  Try to each natural

carbohydrates found in fruit and some vegetables, dairy foods.


Limit man-made carbohydrates that are made in laboratories and

that, as YOU age, will create problems in your digestive system

and add fat to your structure.