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“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can give the

world.”  Ramana Maharshi


This website, blogs, and podcast are all about SELFhood and

being self-aware and know:


What Does Life expect from YOU?


When you know SELF so well that YOUR Purpose in life will be


Automatically known and YOU will know


What Does Life expect from YOU in the Moment?


But, the stillness that YOU can have in your daily life.


Being still is very important to YOUR knowing SELF.


Put everything aside for 30 minutes a day for the stillness.


Stillness with the universe is very, very important to your growth

in life


Eckhart Tolle’s book Stillness Speaks reminds each of us how

important stillness is for our spiritual walk in this life.  The book is

a quiet book, small, empty spaces and words that point towards

stillness and silence.


YOU have to read books on a spiritual level today and then read

it in a couple months.  Because in a couple of months YOU will

have developed more than where you are today.


Stillness Speaks is a gentle journey but one that can take you to

a spectacular and a very special place of new awareness and

a deeper understanding of your place in the universe at this time.


Make a commitment to YOUR own stillness to listen to what the

universe has planned for you.  Make the time, do not rush this

because you have the rest of your life to keep moving upward to

all the knowledge and skills you need to KNOW.


We all learn on a daily basis what we learn today and we will

learn more tomorrow when added to today – but have stillness in

your life – be ok with the stillness and talking to the universe or


God or just being thankful for the stillness and quietness to have a

deeper understanding of SELF.


Tolle speaks about that in the nowhere there is everywhere

exists, that it is the nothing that everything is found.  Read each

heading in the book and ponder on each heading and meditate

and pray about every heading in the book and let it go deep within

because you are building and growing and everything YOU read

should be about the growth within and give you tools.


YOU may experience:









Playing your role in the universe is what YOU want for SELF.

What Does Life expect from YOU?

The journey to that is what is bringing you fulfillment, purpose

And the ALL that SELF is needing, wanting, and being grateful for

his wonderful journey into YOU and


What Life does expect from YOU


This blog, this podcast, this newsletter is all about YOU – so that

YOU can have 1 place to know:


What Life Does expect from YOU and how to get there.











YOUR spirit, mind and body all goes together – and has to be


BALANCED in order for you to have a happy and healthy aging


life so YOU do not die sick and have to be taken care.  The goal


here at this website on and on this podcast is for you to live


a stress less, comfortable, and physically active life.  You


cannot do that unhealthy, in debt, or in bad relationships-whether


with family or friends, whether with women or men.


YOUR SPIRIT can provide a:


Reassuring belief in a greater force or being


Sense of purpose and meaning


Focus on your own or univsal wisdom


Way to understand suffering


Connection with other


Reminder of the good in the world


I believe in a higher power, GOD, some call the force that created


The whole universe


Consider some of the science on religion and spirituality:


People who meditate have increased activity in a “feel-good”


are of the brain.


People with strong religious beliefs recovered faster from heart


surgery than people with weaker faith


People who did not attend religious services died significantly


younger than those who attended more than once a week


There are different paths of spirituality that are listed:


Religious institutions:


they say people who attend a house of worship regularly are


happier and healthier, research shows.  Likely because of the


social connection.


Pray or focus on your notion of God.


Read religious texts


Talk with others







Research also shows that meditation offer not only calm but help


with anxiety and depression, cancer, chronic pain, asthma, heart


disease and high blood pressure.


Take up to an hour a day


Here are some types of meditations you may do:


Deep breathing


Mindfulness meditation




Repeating a mantra


Some of these paths to your spiritual side:


Focus on your goals, values and belief


Keep a journal


Read inspiring stories or essays


Be open to new experiences


Look at what is good in yourself and others


Listed below are 10 tools that you could use:


  1. Connect with others


  1. Stay positive


  1. Get physically active


  1. Help others


  1. Get enough sleep


  1. Create joy and satisfaction


  1. Eat well


  1. Take care of your spirit


  1. Deal better with hard times


  1. Get professional help if you need it


Over the years I have done all of the above and each have


helped me over the years.


I am a work in progress still – almost 75 years old – I am still a


work in progress and will be until I pass over the bridge.


The #1 thing YOU need to take care of is stress


All of the above should help you do that but be:








If you cannot handle stress nothing is going to work well for long


Anger, stress, not forgiving, jealous.  These are hurtful things


that can destroy your life. – your mind, body and spirit.


Stay above these things –get them out of your life.







Your spirit is from all YOUR years before and what you have


learned and the knowledge YOU gain in YOUR Life’s lessons.


Here are some of the


most influential spiritual books in the last 50 years and


some of them I have read over and over to gain insight and some


of them I will read in the future but I always want to go to the next


level –and I know that by learning and knowledge I can always


do that.


  1. The Secret


Rhonda Byrne


Law of Attraction


Asking for what you want


Believing in what you want


And being open to receiving it


Reader can shift their perspective



  1. The Alchemist


Paulo Coelho


Shepherd journeys to Egypt pyramids to find treasure


Lessons of discovery of your personal legend,


Being your one true purpose


And understanding omens



  1. The Art of Happiness:  A handbook for Living


Howard Cutler


Importance and attainability of happiness in everyday living


The purpose of life is to find happiness, which is determined


by one’s mental state, despite outside circumstances


No spiritual rules or religious guidelines



  1. The Celestine Prophecy


James Redfield


Part adventure and part new age spiritual novel


Journey through Peru as he uncovers nine spiritual insights.


Shifting a person’s perspective



  1. A New Earth

Eckhart Tolle


Reducing the ego


Ego source of all inner and outer conflicts


Awakened consciousness



  1. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success




Importance of success in life


Happiness and realization of goals, success is not limited


to wealth


Vedic teachings and presents them to a western audience.



  1. The Road Less Traveled


Psychiatrist M. Scott Peck


Attributes that makes a fulfilled human being


Discipline, Love, and Grace



  1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull


Richard Bach


Different than other gulls


Devastated that he was outcast from group.


Moved him to higher plane


To all of us who refuse to conform


Teaching love, forgiveness, and how to reach YOUR


true potential



  1. Eat, Pray, Love; One Woman’s Search for Everything


Across Italy, India and Indonesia


Elizabeth Gilbert


After bitter divorce, went on holiday to Italy


Italy to eat good food


India to learn about spirituality


Bali for balance and love


She was in a tremendous amount of pain but ended as


a balanced and loving human



  1. Tuesdays with Morrie: an old man, a young man and


Life’s Greatest Lesson


Mitch Abom


Interviews with Morrie Schwartz, former professor dying of


of Lou Gehrig’s disease


Ideas of accepting and giving love


Nurturing values



  1. The Four Agreements:  A Practical Guide to


Personal Freedom


Don Miguel Ruiz


Ancient Toltec wisdom


Be impeccable with your word


Do not take anything personally


Do not make assumptions


Always do your best


Added a 5th– be skeptical but learn to listen



  1. Siddhartha


Herman Hesse


Journey o young Nepalese man during the time of


Buddha, and his quest to find spiritual enlightenment.


Found spiritual fulfillment in a much simpler way that


the way proposed by all of the world’s wise men.




I have read most of the above books since the 1980’s when


I also went through a devastating divorce.  I was in my 40’s and


had no professional skills and was raised by controlling mother


and married a controlling man so I had no idea who I was as


a single parent, let alone who was I as a person.


There are many other books I have read that have added to my


Spirituality but all of them have been wonderful for ME in my Spiritual walk





The Mind is a terrible thing to waste as the commercial for the

United Negro College Fund used to say on the radio or TV.  It

always struck me as being one of the infinite truths of the world

and I have always thought it true to see a mind wasted on being

controlled for one’s life, for being addicted for one’s life, for being

in a small box for one’s life.  These are the things that make me

feel really sad for someone what “cannot see the forest for the

Trees” mentality.

Like Dr. Frankl says in his wonderful book, “Man’s Search for

Meaning” it does not matter what we expected out of life but

what life expected out of us”.  Each of us, who are reading this

has expectations from others, our job, our family, our partners or

spouse.  But what does life expect out of YOU and myself?


I love questions to myself-they have made me think over these

many years what DOES life expect out of me?


Because I have always believed in the Power of Positive Thinking

I have opened myself up to things that my mind can create and

ways of thinking differently than how I was raised, or how family

friends thought but when something entered my mind it was me

Higher Power putting it there after prayer and meditation and I

needed to follow-through because that was what life expected

me to do.  That is my mind-set, and that is my belief systems that

has grown over many decades of open-thought theory.  Do YOU

have the “Open-Thought Theory”?


What do YOU want YOUR life to look like when you are 80?

Will it be meaningful to look back on YOUR life and say “I did do

what life expected me to do”.  Or will you look back to say “I did

what was expected out of me”.

Tear down those walls Mr. Gorbachev– Ronald Reagan’s saying

To the head of Russia – what a wonderful saying.  Tear down

those “old” walls that we have built up over the decades of our

lives.  Whether they are physical or mental – it is clarification that

we all have lived within the walls that come with each of us.

Those walls come from family and friends – intentional or

Unintentional – they are there and it is up to YOU to expand those

walls or tear them down.  Learning and listening are what is going

to open up those walls.  Even the learning institutes YOU have

attended have put walls up for you.   Listen to Professor

Darrell Hamamoto – Professor of Asian Studies at University

Of California-San Diego.  He has studied and taught at these

learning institutes for decades.


Only by reading and listening to others can we expand those


Or tear them down.

The mind should be open to thoughts and free to beliefs.  But

It has to be for the betterment of SELF and others not to bring

Anyone negative thoughts or bring anyone down.  Always UP,

always positive and always open-thought theory.

 It does help the Spirit every day
Woman in prayer
Spirit will help you put one foot in front of the other when YOU have a loss or grief.  YOUR Spirit will lift you up to move ahead with this loss or grief.  Sometimes, it may not be today or tomorrow but YOUR Spirit is there to help and lift you up to start the new day.
Grief can be from anything, and it takes SELF to get through it – everyone gets through grief on their own time schedule and it is not always easy.  But YOUR spirit is there to help you through it to the good side.