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Is Your energy frequency between 57 and 78?

Essential oils have the highest frequencies of any measured

Natural substance.

Emotions have frequency and so do thoughts.  Solids also have

frequency.  Those with consciousness such as humans

experience higher energy frequency states.  Humans vibrate at

the same levels.

Pure essential oils offer you natural way for harmonic wellness

at all levels (physical,emotional,mental and spiritual)  what other 1

item could do all that?  Laying the oils one after another is like

putting together and resonating in a symphony of musical notes

that is aligned with the rhythms of nature.

A higher biometric frequency encourages a body to regenerate

damaged cells, build a higher immune defense to viruses as well

as sustain energy vitality.

In a few decades’ scientists have gone from a conviction there

is no such thing as an energy field around the human body, to an

absolute certainty that it exists.  And to understand the roles of

energy fields in health and disease.  Because you are reading this

blog YOU understand that there is energy healing.


A healthy cell has a certain frequency; a healthy psyche is at the

right frequency.

We can re-balance our body frequencies – and feel good.

Our thoughts are vibrations also – we can change our perception

by changing our frequency.  Our thoughts can change our

personal world.

The following ae ways to change body frequencies and lift them

to a healthy level:

Better food, Live food, vegetables and fruits and adding nutrients.

One of the things I do is use my vita mixer and make chard juice

and add fresh ginger and turmeric with olive oil and ground


Dr. Royal Raymond Rife produced some astounding

accomplishments in medicine and biology in the 1920’s and 30

with frequencies.  First he invented a new kind of optical

microscope to observe virus in live cells and tissue culture and

invented a variable frequency flashing light ultrasound source

which could kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Some call it life force, others call it chi.  It is a vibration and it can

be measured.

We can try, on a daily basis, to vibrate at optimum energy

frequency state.

Negative thoughts lower our frequency by 12 MHz while positive

thoughts raise our frequency by 10 MHz


Healthy body is 62 – 78

Cold/foe           57 –  60

Cancer              42

Death                25

Below are 5 things that may help in raising YOUR frequency:

  1. Cook and eat fresh ingredients
  2. go offline as much as possible
  3. avoid drugs and toxins
  4. use therapeutic grade essential oils
  5. use the power of intention


Essential oils emit a spectrum of frequencies that come from the

bonds between elements comprising the molecules of their

compounds.  Each molecule is like a tiny stringed instrument

where the bonds between the atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and

oxygen act as strings of different pitches.

We allow our negative emotions and limiting thoughts to be in


Positive thinking is the way to go.









How happy are you?

The following are some ways to make SELF happy:

  1. Things cannot make you happy

People cannot make you happy

Only YOU can make YOU happy.

Do you want to be happy?

You may have to give up some of the negative thoughts

You may have to fill those spots with positive thoughts

As humans we are have childhood issues or life issues

No one can be happy 24/7 for life

What do you have to loose to be happy as much as you can?

  1. Take control of YOUR time

Research has shown that people who are able to take

control of their day are happier than people who have no

sense that they can control their day

Stop right now and sit and smile and be happy for 20

seconds.  That is controlling your time and smiling

YOU can control a lot of time throughout YOUR day

  1. Smile

I made it a rule for myself that when I am walking into any

store that I smile at anyone passing me by.

We are all connected – all because of our energy and

because we all are here at the time we are supposed to be

here at this time and in this space.

  1. Find work and activities that you are good at and that

will be meaningful to YOU, I have always done projects:

I have a 2,000 books library – love to read and do research.

I knit baby blankets, knitting my daughter a jacket, made the

boy’s blankets.  I have taken oil painting and have a couple

of nice painting I have done.  I write this blog and truly enjoy

sharing all my research with YOU.

I cannot stress enough but to turn OFF YOUR TV

Get off the phone or computer.  Stop gossiping.

Take classes for anything you enjoy.  I took an algebra class

When I was 65 and loved it and the teacher loved me.

Always learn more, always be happier, always smile.

YOUR peace and harmony as you age will help in

aging healthy and happy.

  1. invest in shared things; vacations, family time, friends

time.  It is sometimes hard not to collect stuff, but I have

accumulated my books, my fabric for sewing, my yard for

knitting, my research papers, so I try to get everything

organized and orderly.  To someone else it is stuff but to

me it is my projects that I am working on.

  1. Always have an exercise program you are working – not

Anything huge like a marathon – if you would like it – do it.

I have a rebounder (you have to order the good ones) and

A stationery bike for the winter months but I do swimming

In the summer to build up my leg muscles.

  1. Have to have enough sleep – 6 – 8 hours a night.
  1. If you have a “small” box – tear down the sides by learning

Something new or do a new project you have done before.

It will make more to your life in learning anything new;

a new thought or a new project.









Are you willing to grow beyond TODAY?




The beginning of freedom is the realization that you are not “the


The moment you start watching the thinker; a higher level of

consciousness becomes activated.

You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence

Beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that


You also realize that all the things that truly matter—–

Beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace —

Arise from beyond the mind.


YOUR mind has gone from 0 at birth to what it is today – but

Defining YOUR mind is not easy because it is YOUR mind-

And for the FREE mind to be defined it has to accept that

On a daily basis YOU define who you are;







They can be wonderful teachers but you are who you define.

Have a mission everyday, be in control of your day and not

your day controlling you.


Make it a habit to ask yourself:

What is going on inside of me at this very moment?

How am I feeling?

What am I thinking?

Know that you have a past and appreciate that past

And know that you have a future and be grateful for that future.

But in this moment in time; how are you feeling and what are

you thinking.

Remember that there are only 2 feelings:

Love and fear

I choose love

I choose forgiveness

I choose being proactive

I choose being in the NOW

I choose letting go

I choose to be the giant


Do not choose fear

Not forgiving brings disease, stress, and high blood pressure

And forgiving self MENTALLY first is beneficial to

a long and healthy life

Do not be reactive – always last one to the table

Do not hang onto yesterday’s issues.

Do not create a problem – because it creates pain.


Is there joy, ease, lightness, peace, and harmony in what

I am doing today?
See the picture I have posted in this blog?

Are you going into the fog or are you clearing a path as you go?


When you live in the moment, because you have let go of

any unhappiness from the past you begin to have JOY.

Never be concerned about the out come of what you are doing

because it will be JOY in the end with the practice of Love


Where ever you are being there totally – do not think of anything

else but where you are and what is going on that moment.

Breathing is so important to you living in the moment.  Take

some time each week to just sit and breathe.  Breath deeply

and you will know when you are breathing too shallow.

Shallow breathing is not healthy and your cells need the oxygen

That you are breathing in deeply.  Count to 10-20 breathing in

And hold that breathe and then breath out slowly.

All these are so good mentally for YOU and the moment.


white-1158166_1280Spiritual Peace


Life is difficult as Dr. Peck said but if we do not budget and control

our finances it is very, very stressful also and your spirit will not be

at peace.


Have you read George S. Clason’s book:?

“The Richest Man in Babylon”?

It is a fast read and will help you look within at your own

financial success, and financial success is different for

everyone and means different things for each of us.

I will just mention a couple of items from his book:

  1. Start the purse to fattening.
  1. Control your expenditures.
  1. Make your money multiply
  1. Guard your treasurers from loss.
  1. Make of your dwelling a profitable investment.
  1. Insure a future income.
  1. Increase your ability to earn.


Orin and DaBen:

The the spirit of abundance that is in each of you.  May you

recognize your greatness, discover your path, and make the

contribution you came to make.





Peace of mind, body and spirit is my daily mantra.  Being in

control of my day but with peace and harmony in all I do.

Read the following as a daily meditation:


Are the source

Will discover what you want

Can become abundant

Can magnetize what you want



Will follow your inner guidance

Can allow success

Can transform your beliefs

Let money flow

Can trust

Can have miracles


Can do what you love

Discover your life’s work

Have what it takes

Believe in yourself

Can move to your Higher Path



Have value and worth

Have joy and appreciation

Can give and receive

Have clarity and harmony

Have money


Be grateful and appreciative of everyday but:

Everyday work towards that Higher Path


Sometimes in life you may have a job that is not where you

really want to be so when those times come to each of us.


Be prepared to make the MOST of that time in YOUR

growth and development into that Higher Path you are

working towards.  Be especially kind to SELF during those

difficult times in life.


When I travel or taking an auto trip – that can be very stressful

But the best way I have found to make it as peaceful as possible

Is to take a deep breath, tell myself not to hurry, and of course,

Listen to some very good quitening music.


To keep YOUR spirit in harmony and at peace always remember


Viktor Frankl’s theory of YOUR life’s meaning is above everything.


To get to that Higher Path; to that balance of mind, body and


Spirit; to harmony and peace.    I have always had projects that I


have done since the children were little and I was a stay at home


mother;  sewing, garden, painting, and volunteering.  Dr. Frankl’s


story and his theory are very profound to my life and I hope you


can take the time to read his book:  “Man’s Search for Meaning”.


I think it will add to your life’s meaning also.






Sea Gull

What you can learn walking down a beach…

Today, we are going to talk about this wonderful spiritual book that will add to your life in a wonderful way but if you have already read it then you know that but read on and enjoy what it has meant to me and others since it was written in the 1970’s.

Richard Bach said he was walking along the beach one day and a voice told him the summary of the book, although Mr. Bach is an admitted atheist.





YOUR commitment to moving higher and higher

That is Johnathan – and is that YOU?

Banished from his flock because he tries to be different!

Johnathan moved to a higher level of existence.

Is that what YOU are doing?

Johnathan found a master, a mentor, a guide that led him down  the path of greater truth.

ARE YOU going down that path?  START TODAY

Other seagulls learned from Johnathan that higher truths are more important than popularity and fitting in.

Johnathan and his friend, Fletcher, discuss love and decide that real love is seeing the good in everyone.  Johnathan realizes he is no longer needed, he disappears and lets Fletcher continue his work.  Johnathan forgives the flocks, and Fletcher carries on the work, Johnathan forgives the Flock for banishing him and leaves behind Fletcher, a wise seagull, to continue his work.

Reading any book just one time is not going to allow you to reach that higher level you want.  Not necessarily reading a book right after you have finished it, but say let some time go by and you will learn more about you because in the spiritual books we talk about this website Spirituality is about development throughout  YOUR lifetime.

Ray Bradbury, at the end of his life, said, “Will each of us think, I DID MY BEST! — Or — I NEVER TRIED….”

I work on on the productivity theory since the 1970s. I always have projects going:  sewing, knitting, painting my home outside and inside, volunteer work.  My library is about 2,000 books so have read a lot – and do read books more than 1 time.  So I will continue on this path of productivity.  And I am saddened to say when my sister was dying she told me: “I wish I would have done more with my life- I know I could have.”  I do not want for you at the end of your life.  I have planned for the end of my life to look back to be meaningful.

Looking within and moving to those higher levels that we were made for.

I always wanted to make my life “meaningful”.  The only way I could do that was with the talents and knowledge I have been given.

YOU and I have to do our best every day and then we know at the end we can say “I did my best”.


Mind is Infinate

Do YOU believe that YOUR mind is infinite?

It is true – but you have to believe it and move those lines so you can see it is infinite.

The basic Universal Law is that the more you give the more you get back.

Take an algebra class, any critical thinking class and you will be surprised how well you can do when you go into that class knowing you are going to learn not only algebra but you will learn about SELF also.

Read so you have the knowledge and realize that infinite mind that YOU have.  Read non-fiction.  There is a lot of fiction that has been written because the author cannot write non-fiction for fear of retaliation —Graham Green, Tom Clancy, or Michael Creighton.

Spend YOUR time finding YOUR infinite mind —  Stay off the phone, don’t watch TV.

Give the rest of YOUR life a chance to know that infinite mind of YOURS.

Do not be taken in by other people’s lifestyle.  You can not find your infinite mind if worry about not having what other people have, or are jealousy.  Remember the Serenity Payer – you can only control YOU – no one else.

In all our lives – something will happen that will turn your world around and make you think.  Only then will you realize that by continually ignoring the thought process, you will have walked into a potentially damaging situation, not only with your eyes wide open but worse, a closed MIND.  Do not have a closed MIND.  Keep learning, developing with knowledge.  Do not stay stuck because you have always done it that way, my family always did it that way, that is what I learned in school and college.

Listen to interviews by Dr. Darrell Hamamoto – Professor of Asian Studies at the University of California– he is a wonderful Professor and interesting thoughts on college and what it is really about today.  So what he is saying to me is:  One has to be responsible for SELF and learn everything you can about current life and expand YOUR MIND outside of your usual path.

“Knowledge itself is power.”

– Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

 YOUR mind will work better not only in your thinking but what you put into your body so that it runs as well as it can on a daily basis.

I do take Lithium Orate – that is recommended by Dr. Johnathan Grey, who wrote,  “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”  He has some wonderful information on his website.  He does sell it on his website but I buy from “The Power Hour”  radio show out of Missouri that has fabulous health information and sells quality products.  If you believe your brain is not working at the best level it should be and gets little foggy do consider Lithium Orate and read the research by, Dr Grey, Dr Mercola, Dr Blaylock and others.

One’s Mind is a terrible thing to waste – so true – do not waste YOUR mind – take CONTROL – take CHARGE – of YOUR MIND.

Fill YOUR mind with good thoughts of SELF and others but fill YOUR mind with knowledge every day – learn something new every day. YOU can only do that if you practice self-discipline and write it down, journal it.





Rainbow on road less traveled

Some thoughts about Dr. M. Scott Peck’s book, “The Road Less Traveled”

Dr. Peck says he does not make any distinction between the mind and the spirit, and therefore no distinction between the process of achieving spiritual growth and achieving mental growth, and I can see that there certainly is a reason to believe in this process for myself.

I always encourage everyone to read all the books we talk about on this website because we all understand and accept anything with our own uniqueness.

I believe everyone has a different perspective on mind and spirit so it is an individual decision but maybe we should just accept the fact that the holistic whole person includes all this and more.

I read this book in the 1980s – and the first sentence in the book that will always be one of the most important 3 words to me is:

“Life is difficult.”

Things never change because that is the first of the Four Noble Truths which Buddha taught which is “Life is suffering”…and we all look at that from our own perspective.

I thought everyone lived like my family – and as I have developed and gained insight on my own awareness no one lived like us because we all are unique families.

Even every individual within a family does not have same spirituality as each other nor should they.

Dr. Peck does write that life is a series of problems and asks “Do we want to moan about them or solve them?” — “Do we want to teach our children to solve them?”

Solving OUR problems is very easy when YOU can make decisions but there may be two reasons YOU need to know for SELF:

  1. Only solve YOUR problems – not anyone else’s problems — not even your parents or children’s.
  2. The better you know SELF the better and faster you can solve YOUR problems.

Discipline is the basic set of tools we require to solve life’s problems. Without discipline, we can solve nothing. Looking in-depth and picking things apart we can solve life’s problem – talking to SELF, encouraging SELF, doing nice things for SELF, being kind to SELF also help solve problems. And what can be a small life’s problem to you may be a big life’s problem to me or the other way around.

Self-discipline is just one of the tools in our arsenal of how to deal with life’s problem and solve them.

And always remember that you only have to solve YOUR problems and not anyone else’s or take them on yourself, let go of other’s problems. Repeat the Serenity Prayer – forever and forever and be thankful every day, Let Go and Let God – love those Alanon sayings.

Do not avoid solving YOUR problems because will cause MORE problems and will cause YOU greater stress and be an inability to develop mentally and spiritually like YOU really want.

Cannot stress that the week you die — if you do not start today YOU will say the same thing my sister did when they gave her 2 weeks: “I know I could have done more with my life”