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YOUR lymphatic system touches almost every part of the body.  It

is a network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, gland, and organs.

Although e do not feel or see it, it is one of the most important

systems of the human body.  It is important to give the lymph

system attention over the years and as YOU age.


The lymphatic system’s main function is to cleanse toxins and

protect against harmful invaders.  It works by carrying waste away

from the tissues and into the bloodstream.  It tackles toxins that

are introduced to the body from both external meas0food, air,

personal care products, water as well as internal ones-damaged

proteins and cellular/metabolic waste.  It is a key detoxification



Through lymph nodes and the lymphatic network, your immune

cells can travel around fighting pathogens, such as bacteria and

mold, and prevent disease and infection.


You have to keep your lymphatic system functioning properly for

your overall health of YOUR body.


The stronger the lymphatic systems mean a more resilient and

reactive immune response and defense


YOUR lymphatic system can become stagnant and especially

with toxic debris.


I have used a REBOUNDER for about 15 years now – and it is


Rated as not only the number 1 piece of exercise equipment but

It keeps your lymphatic network clean – if done regularly

Rebounding and keeping your lymphatic network clean helps

keep your youthful skin and body cellulite-free


So listed below are 10 natural ways to keep your lymphatic

network clean and clear so it can flow and do its work.



One of the easiest ways to pump the lymph network.  And it also improves muscle tone and just over-all body good




Pad table that allows one to invert upside down while strapped in by the feet.  Decompresses the joints of the body and stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system.



How easy is that just plain lemon water?  Use distilled or filtered water.  Every day drink half your weight in water – add the lemon so your will be alkalizing your body and getting the water at the same time.



Enzymes are also used utilize by the body to clear toxic waste buildup in the lymph and blood, making their supplementation a key way to improve lymphatic health.



How wonderful does a good massage feel?  I have had lymphatic massage over the years and is a special form of massage that specifically targets the flow of lymph network.



Red clover is a good herb for lymph, increasing flow, which helps to detoxify the body and reduce inflammation.  I make tea from red clover that I buy at a good grocery store.



Take a dry brush with coarse bristle and brush the skin towards the heart.  This stimulates the sweat glands, opens pores, and gets rid of dead skin cells.  Encourages movement of lymph and blood in underlying organs and tissues of the body.



I always eat raw vegetables.  And I juice a lot-chard and turmeric work well for my body.  Put as many fresh vegetables into your body as possible.



Get rid of the bras with wires – clogs up the lymphatic systems under arms.



Yoga works in multiples way for the body.  There are various forms of Yoga – try the one that fits YOU best but does Yoga for all of it’s benefits





YOUR thoughts


YOUR actions


Watch your words


Watch your expectations


Do not let anything or anyone provoke YOUR thoughts


Do not be manipulated – they frame people and events as


Good or bad, smart or stupid, brave or cowardly.  It is important to be aware of efforts to

be aware of efforts to embed black-and-white judgment into our behavior because most activities and events in life are too complex to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.

behavior because most activities and events in life are too complex to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.

to be reduced to the level of an “either-or” judgment.


You have to STOP being influenced by anything, anyone, or anyplace.  Make it a point to not let anyone, thing, or place because then you will not:

anyplace.  Make it a point to not let anyone, thing, or place because then you will not:

because then you will not:


What Does Life Expect from You?


So you will have a meaningful life, so that you will have purpose,

so that you will have joy, so that you will age healthily.


Shoulda, woulda, coulda – is what you want to limit to minimal at

all costs.


Limit regrets by making good decisions for SELFhood and setting

aside everyone,


Check your sticking thinking –


Change your thought patterns are changed to make sure they


Are positive which will make you brave and courageous to find


Your Purpose in Life –


No negative:


No jealous


Forgive everyone and everything.


Let it go


Think good thoughts about EVERYONE


Never make assumptions


Do not blame


Do not reason with unreasonable people


Do not label people


Stay away from needy people


Stay away from drama people


Stay away from whiners and complainers










Have a daily check up for your thinking


Think about how you can make this new day a GREAT day-


In your daily life, professional life, and any relationships


Positive thinking will not let you do anything other than to bring more positive thinking into your mind.

more positive thinking into your mind.

Zig Ziglar



Always, always ask YOUR SELF – questions


What do I want


What do I enjoy doing?


What is meaningful in my life


What gives me Joy


Forgive me and everyone


Framing questions in your mind should be positive and about

SELFhood –


Imagine positive outcomes


Have good intent


Say everything with positive thinking


What have you done to make those changes in YOUR life?


Repeat, and keep repeating positive thoughts


Write a list of things you need to focus on to make positive change


Write a list of regular habits that are keeping you from making the positive changes


Write a list of work-life balance.


Write a list of who inspires, encourages, empowers YOU on a


Daily basis


Go through the grieving process on your pain and trauma from life


This will help you get to the:

What Life Does Expect from YOU?


There is always going to be:








And it touches us easy separately and differently because of our








Dr. Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC talks about in order to maximize

your health and reduce your changes of developing autoimmune

diseases such as Hashimotos, celiac disease, rheumatoid

arthritis, diabetes and other illnesses, it pays to know your blood



Most people pay little attention to their blood type as it seems it is

only important when you are going to have an operation or other

procedures when you might need blood transfusions or when you

are having a baby.


There are 4 blood types, which make up the worlds




O – 45% worlds population

A – 40% world population

B – 11% global population

AB – 4% worlds population


Foods also have substances known as lectins which act upon our

specific blood type to cause various alterations in our body

function such as:


Causing our blood cells to stick together

Trigger body-wide inflammation

Act as insulin by attaching to insulin receptor on cells which leads

to weight gain.

Trigger autoimmune attack

Trigger digestive system malfunction and pain

Creative intestinal damage leading to leaky gut syndrome and as

a result brain inflammation

Interrupt nerve signals in the body and alter levels of

neurotransmitters and thus cause nerve and brain malfunction

leading to ADD and even Alzheimer’s disease.

And many more things
Due to the many health damaging effects various lectins can have

on the health of people with different blood types.


I have used Dr. D’Adamo’s book:

“The Blood Type Diet” for years.

Apparently there are doctor’s that still do not seem to believe

Blood type makes a different in anything concerning our health

I cannot believe that because I believe it makes a huge

difference knowing what our

blood type is and how it affects our blood and particularly

our over-

all health for our life.


Knowing your blood type is an important tool for understanding

how your body reacts to food, your susceptibility to disease, your

natural reaction to stress, and so much more.    A single drop of

blood contains a biochemical makeup as unique to you as your



Let us just look at STRESS and how blood type works:


Type A people naturally have higher levels of the stress hormone

cortisol in their bodies and produce more in response to stressful

situations.  On the other hand, people with type O blood, have a

fight or flight reaction to stress which results in the overproduction

of adrenaline.  It takes type O’s longer to recover from stress

because it is more difficult for them to clear the adrenaline from

their bodies.


See how that works.


Dr. Lam is another Doctor that I have read his website and his

blood type food chart is wonderful and have used that over the

years.  Print it out and tape to your refrigerator.


On Dr. D’Amato’s website is his interview about blood type with

Dr. Oz.

It does all help YOU to build your own TOOLBOX for aging


Happy and Healthy.


Mind is Infinate


Chronic stress increases the stress hormone cortisol and affects

many brain functions, putting you at risk for many mood disorders

and other mental issues.


Stress is an unavoidable part of modern life.


There are two main kinds of stress – acute stress and chronic

stress – and not all stress is bad for you.


Acute stress is the reaction to an immediate threat, commonly

known as the “fight or flight” response.


Once the threat has passed, your level of stress hormones

returns to normal with no long-lasting effects.


Some degree of acute stress is even considered desirable as it

primes your brain for peak performance.


But chronic stress – the kind most of us fact day in, day out – is a


90% of doctors’ visits are for stress-related health complaints.

We are here to help you know the signs and fix the stress in your

life-we cannot solve your stress but helping and giving help

indicators can.


Chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to everything from

cancer to cold.


The non-stop elevation of stress hormones not only makes your

body sick; it negatively impacts your brain as well.


When stress becomes chronic, it changes your brains’ function

and even its structure down to the level of your DNA.


Stress hormones include epinephrine(adrenaline) and

norepinephrine produced on an as needed basis in moments of

extreme excitement.  They help you think and move fast in an

emergency.  They can save your life in the right situation.  The do

not linger in the body, dissipating as quickly as they were created.


Cortisol, on the other hand, streams through your system all day

long, and that is what makes it dangerous.


This stress hormone has been call the most dangerous of all

body, mind, and spirit.  Can lead to healthy problems, including

weight gain, osteoporosis, digestive problems, hormone

imbalances, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.  And takes a toll

on your adrenal glands.


One of the things I do – I take lithium orates every day

  1. Stress can kill brain cells.
  1. Make you forgetful and emotional
  1. Cycle of fear and anxiety
  1. Halts production of new brain cells
  1. depletes critical brain chemical causing depression
  1. Greater risk for mental illnesses of all kinds
  1. make bad decisions
  1. shrinks your brain
  1. lets toxins into your brain
  1. increases risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  1. causes brain cells to commit suicide
  1. contributes to brain inflammation and depression


There are simple steps to help stop stress everyday practicing:

  1. diet high in antioxidant-rich foods.
  1. Physical exercise
  1. meditation or prayer
  1. try self-hypnosis
  1. try herbal and spices have helped me.


I can tell you to:


Challenge SELF


Be Productive every day


Have a Mission every day


Stop putting any man-made products in your body.


Stop buying boxed, bagged, or canned foods.















YOU and YOUR Human Spirit


YOUR human spirit comes, again, from your yesterdays,

your family, your understanding, your learning and knowledge,

your developing into the person you are today BUT:


YOU have to keep developing, growing, learning and going

beyond where you are today.


YOU have to outgrow this SELF you are today.

I will give you a story that will make you see that you need to

outgrow where you are today.


My sister, I use her because I have learned a lot from her life

experiences on what I do not want to say at the end of my life.

So anyway, she was an alcoholic and did get sober 30 years


she died, but she mentally never developed beyond that getting

sober years because she accepted that she was sober and so

never went beyond that.  So that was why she had tremendous

regret at the end of her life.


She went to a psychiatrist for 30 years but yet never developed.

If YOU or I go to group, therapy for over 3 years – please move

beyond that group or therapy because it can become stagnant

She never matured and developed mentally

She never matured and developed spiritually

She never matured and developed body

And since early 1980s I have been maturing and developing on a

daily basis.










I learned at those early years:


To say and live the Serenity Prayer:

God grant the me the serenity

to accept the things, I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.


What that prayers says to me and still speaks to me today is that

I cannot control anyone but myself.  Stay out of other people’s

business, and do not try solving problems that are not yours.

Take only care of SELF.  Everything else is someone else’s



Live and breath the Serenity Prayer everyday because it will take

all YOUR stress away if you live and breath and believe it.

Acceptance is not laziness

Have courage to change ourselves

Hardship can be good for you

Surrendering requires courage, too

Happiness is attainable


Here are some wonderful quotes from people who have lived



Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can.

Arthur Ashe


It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop



A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the

Desire to beat others.

Ayn Rand


Believe in yourself!  Have faith in your abilities!  Without a humble

But reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be

Successful or happy.

Norman Vincent Peale

I have read Dr. Peale since the 1950 when we had his books in

Our home.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain


Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of


George S. Patton


Another Confucius:

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full

Potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to

Personal excellence.


Another one of my favorite people is Wayne Dyer who said:

Go for it now.  The future is promised to no one.


And another one of my favorite people is Bo Jackson, the great

football and baseball sports star and he is living by his words:


Set your goals high, and do not stop until you get there.


I have not had TV for almost 15 years – and do not miss it or want

it again




MSM is Methyl-sulfonyl-methane powerful for YOUR body

Is an organolsulfur compound that features the sulfonyl functional

group and is considered relatively inert chemically.  It occurs

naturally in some primitive plants and is present in small amounts

in many foods and beverages.


I have powdered MBM that I bought 5 pounds at once and try to

use it daily.


I use it to detox individual cells and that the uptake of nutrients will

be more beneficial in my body. I like the benefits of MSM that

makes cells more permeable, releasing certain built-up minerals

that can cause problems, heavy metals, waste and toxins, while

also helping usher in nutrients and water.  These are the reason I

take MSM.   Listed below are some other

issues that can be helped by MSM:


Osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Improves digestive problems like leaky gut syndrome by

rebuilding the lining of the digestive tract and lower

inflammation/allergic reactions to certain feeds.


Repairs skin and treats skin problems

including rosacea, allergies.  I use to have rosacea but because I

have been making sure my body receives enough nutrition on a

daily basis I have not had rosacea in approximately 20 years.


Lowers muscle pain and muscle spasms.

Helps repair the rigid fibrous tissue cells in our muscles that

become broken down during exercise, therefore helping to

prevent them from swelling for prolong periods of time.


Restores hair growth

it helps boost collagen and keratin levels that are needed for

forming new hair strands.


Helps the body

adapt to stress, heal and bounce back from exercise, stressful

events, injuries and even surgeries.

There are 3 other uses that have gain notoriety:

Preventing the hardening/thickening of arteries; helps the body’s

natural free radical scavenging abilities by lowering oxidative

stress.  Effective anti-inflammatory because it blocks the release

of pro-inflammatory mediators and down regulates certain harmful



MSM supplies the body with extra sulfur for creating methionine,

which helps in important bodily processes like making other

chemicals, forming connective tissue, synthesizing/metabolizing

foods and absorbing nutrients to be used for energy.


Using MSM helps my body in better immune function, accelerated

healing and reduced pain and recovery time from exercises like



MBM’s sulfur plays an important role in the production of

glutathione, considered to be a ‘master antioxidant” and an

important agent for detoxification.  This is why I have used MSM

for years.


I use powdered MSM and puts it in water and drinking throughout

the day.  But you can also use cream form, capsule/tablet forms.


Take 500 milligrams 3 times a day-it may disrupte your bowel

movements so take it slowly until you reach the amount that

works best for YOU.  Increasing your intake as your body gets

used to it and you do not experience any digestive side effects.


Because YOUR environment, job, family water, among a dozen

other items YOUR body needs MSM


REMEMBER:  MSM is called one of the miracle supplement  that

can do so many things that are good for YOUR body.


Healthy Spices


Do you have a first aid kit in your home?

Keeping charcoal on hand for medicinal purposes

From emergency rooms to living rooms, dialysis machines to

kitchen water filters charcoal touches our lives everyday.  It goes

beyond that to YOU the individual who should keep charcoal on

hand in your home for your own emergencies to YOUR body

because it does so many good things.


YOU are responsible for your own health and to be responsible

you need knowledge on how to do that.  There are a lot of

variables knowing SELF and how to take care of issues but it is

basically simple.

One of the things you need in your first aid cabinet is the charcoal

as it heals many health issues that may come up during your



John Dinsley has written the definitive book on charcoal and it’s

many remedies.  Charcoal, the complete

handbook of medicinal charcoal and its applications.  We will be

learning from this book today in this blog.

Agatha M. Thrash, MD, Medical Examiner for the State of Georgia

said she trusts the efficacy and safety of charcoal as a simple yet

powerful home remedy.

Use the charcoal capsules or the powered charcoal to make


The following are some issues that may be helped with charcoal:

Learn how to help these with charcoal:

Chromes disease

Fire ant’s bites

Toxic liver



Sore throat

Ear infections

Poison ivy


Read the Charcoal book by John and learn all the remedies that

charcoal can help in.

One of the ways to take activated charcoal so it does not leave

all that black residue is use the following recipe:

Mix charcoal together with slippery elm powder four to one and

leave it dry in a sealed jar.  Whenever needed – it is instantly



In hospital emergency rooms whenever an overdose patient was

brought into the emergency room, the very first thing a doctor

would do was make the overdose patient who was conscious

drink a charcoal slurry.  And the doctor never saw an overdose

patient die who was conscious and could drink the slurry.


It is always best to work with your doctor but it is much better

when you know YOUR body and can help in curing the issue

instead of just controlling the issue.

My childhood family died by the time I was 63 – brother, sister,

and parents.  3 died of different cancers and 1 of heart disease.

My goal, along with YOUR goal is die of old age

and not of disease.  That is what this website and the blogs are

all about – dying of old age – being as healthy and happy and

productive until we cross over the bridge.

Being informed and having knowledge of SELF is what is going

to make that possible.

Get those charcoal capsules and activated charcoal so when

YOU get that scratch, that bite, that sore throat, any of those other

maladies you just grab the cure out of your first aid cupboard.



Iodine-rich pink salt


Do you know how much and what kind of SALT your body needs?


Over the years I realize how valuable salt is to my body and to YOUR

body also.


I use very good salt, Dr. Marshall’s Pink salt is one of my favorites

and since I have a water distiller I need more minerals additionally

than just on food.  So I use Dr. Marshall’s Pink Salt to add those

minerals to my body.  Also, that pink salt has helped my hands

shaking – almost have no shaking in hands if I take the additional

pink salt.  I also use Celtic Sea Salt – the flower of the ocean and very

expensive but delicious salt and very good for our bodies out of the

North Sea.  And I have Redmond’s Real Salt also at home-out of Utah

and very good also.  I keep all these salts because it is a necessary

item in the home and need to buy a “good” unrefined salt to use in

your home.

The “good” salt is called unrefined salt and contains over 80 essential

minerals.  Being low in minerals can affect your blood pressure and

many other body functions. 

I try not to eat refined salt which has no benefits and has all the

minerals removed.  If I am out to eat I am not going to worry about

eating their table salt because at home, I only have unrefined salt and

even have it at my workplace so I keep enough good salt in my body


Long shelf life for salt is when minerals have been removed and  

bleach has been added to obtain the white color.  These do not sound

good for one’s body – I am sure you do not want minerals removed

and bleach added. 


Celtic Sea Salt is harvested near coast of northwestern France and  

using almost the same method they used 2,000 years ago.  I always

will go to the natural way of growing or harvesting rather than man-

made machines taking out to really good and organic quality.


Refined salt and any refined foods can acidify the body.  Your body

should be pH neutral of 7.2 – if too many acidic foods most diseases

will start showing up – diabetes, cancer maybe.


To get to neutral 7.2 – one would have to know how to get there.  We

will talk about pH on another blog but start understanding what is

alkaline and what is acid in YOUR body.  Every Sunday I juice Chard

and add turmeric with little Bragg’s olive oil and grind black pepper

into it.  The olive oil and black pepper make the turmeric absorbent

into your body better.


There are other things that affect your adrenal glands but unrefined

salt is necessary for your adrenal glands to function correctly.  Dr.

Brownstein has a list in his book, “Salt, your way to health”.  I have all

of Dr. Brownstein’s books and have referenced all of them to my own

health issues over the years.  Add his books to your library – you will

use them for the rest of your life.


Your characteristics are yours alone in the “universe” because you are a unique individual because there is no one else in the “universe” like you

They do not come from your Parents and Family






So you have all these unique qualities and in the years that you are given on



EMFs are all around you and I – with all the technology we have available to us today – we have to counter how these affect our bodies and especially our Pineal Gland.

If one is sensitive to EMFs they may cause:

Nervous systems symptoms

Body and skin sensitivity

Foggy brain and depression


There are a mired of symptoms coming from EMFs.

By keeping one’s body at as high PH level as possible it will help counter all these EMFs