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There will be several topics in today’s blog:


Like I have said over and over again here in these blogs is that

I do prevention against disease; against cancer, diabetes,

arthritis, and any other disease, any autoimmune disease is

really any disease plus inflammations of anything in the body.


My goal is to never have any of the above.  I had already

become hypothyroid in the 1980s and have been determined not

to have anything else that would cause me any disease.  So far,

I have not had any other disease besides that which being

Hypothyroid is enough because one is more susceptible to

cancer, diabetes, and heart disease being hypothyroid so I take

care nutritionally of my body.


Since each of us is unique in body structure with genes and

DNA plus a mired of other factors you need to feed your body

nutrition that will keep you from disease and this website gives

YOU the tools to know your body, mind, and spirit to keep SELF

Healthy while you age.


You need to know how much of each you body needs but

be sure you are putting into your body the best quality you can

afford anything because You are in control of YOUR body and

whether it gets any disease or not.


I believe I would not have gotten hypothyroidism if I had known that

Iodine was the one thing my thyroid runs on and my body was

running out of Iodine.


Below is a list for nutrition that YOUR body needs:




When you eat foods that contain protein, they are broken down in the body into amino acids.  These amino acids are used to build and repair any muscle tissue.  This is great for those who are physically active or exercise regularly.  You are able to recover at a faster rate than if you do not consume protein.  Every tissue in your body is made up of protein and you need to consume enough through your diet to replenish it.  Protein is also needed to help your immune and nervous system.




Gives you energy to function throughout your day.  Good carbs

Can be from vegetables and fruits.  When carbs are ingested your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin.  Insulin helps the carbs to be stored in the muscles or as fat.  Stored carbs in the body are also known as glycogen.  They are an energy supply and help to achieve better fat loss but help in overall physique.



Without fats, you will not be able to survive.  They keep your body warm during cold weather.  Fats lubricate joints and keep your muscles loose and mobile for good workouts.


Personally, I eat Irish Gold butter which is an excellent fat, I eat cottage cheese not a lot but a little.  I eat beef which has some good fat.


I stay away from bad fats – anything man-made is bad fat or anything else for that matter.


Natural fat is good fat, man-made and processed fat is bad.



Vitamins and minerals,


I make sure I also get enough vitamins and minerals.  B-complex

Is very important.  I drink Yerba mate tea-250 minerals from south

American.  Because I drink some distilled water I take Dr. Marshall’s pink salt for another good dose of minerals.



Always, enough – not too much and not too little.  I have 2 types

Filtered water at home-a PH alkaline water filter and a distilling machine for water and that is all the water I drink from those 2 sources.



Focusing on a Moment of Joy





If YOUR body is not in alignment, it can cause all sorts of


Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain

Foot, knee, hip, and back injuries




Muscle atrophy and weakness

Difficulty breathing

Digestion issues

Impingement a nerve compression


Carpal tunnel syndrom

Just a note:  my body got out of alignment when I did not go to

the Doctor when I sprained my ankle and eventually had to have

both hips replaced.  So do take note that it does happen when

body is not in alignment

To solve the problem, you first need to pinpoint the cause.  Most

Postural deviations occur because the muscles that work to hold

A joint in place are imbalanced.  One muscle group will be too

Tight and the opposing muscle group will be too loose or weak.

Here are 5 things to helps keep body aligned

  1. Work on your posture

Pelvis, rib cage and skill are aligned on top of each other

  1. Do exercises that promotes stabilization

Strengthen core muscles of back and abdomen

  1. Practice yoga

Promotes healthy spine and efficient movement

  1. maintain a healthy weight

overweight puts stress on joints and muscles

  1. consider chiropractic care

working on spinal alignment


3 Exercises that will help alignment:

  1. Upper back and shoulders;

Standing arm circles

This exercise engages the shoulder muscles, which, in turn

Helps to stabilize and strengthen the muscles of the mid-

Spine, resulting in less low-back pain.

Stand straight, feet hip width apart.  Raise your arms so they

Are extended out to your sides at shoulder level.  Palms up

Place the fingers into the pad of each hand, thumbs pointed

Behind you.  Squeeze the shoulder blades squeezed and

And your arms raised at your sides, rotate both of your arms

Backward in a circle of about six-inch circumference.  One

Set of 40 circles.  Then, palms down, thumbs pointed

Forward in a six-inch circle.  One set of 40 circles


  1. Mid-spine:

Statiic back knee pillow squeeze

This exercise promotes pelvic stability by supporting the

shoulders and spine as you engage the pelvic muscles and

extend the mid-spine.

Lie on your back with your legs up over the seat of a chair.


Place a pillow between your knees, and hold it with your inner

Thighs.  Extend your arms out to sides at 45 degrees with

Palms up.  Gently ssqueeze the pillow with knees aand hold 1

Second, kepping upper body and abdomen relaxed.  3 sets

Of 20 squeezes.


  1. For the pelvis airbench

Promotes proper function of hips and stabilizes the pelvis.

Stand with your back against a wall with your feet and knees

Hip-width apart.  Walking your feet away from the wall about

1-1/2 feet while sliding body down to a seated position

pressing lower back against the wall.  Allow arms to hand

down to side.  Keep weight on heels.  Hold the seated position

for 1-2 minutes


These are relatively simple and fast exercises to keep your body

In alignment.  Keep doing these and set up to do these 3 -4 times

a week and your alignment will stay forever


Dring Water

…Movable parts of the same – which is SELF

Each can be addressed separately, but what affects the MIND, affects the BODY, and affects the SPIRIT.

So we can talk about the pineal gland here in the MIND but we can also talk about it in the BODY and SPIRIT.

Do you know how important the pineal gland is to YOU?

This tiny organ regulates your daily and seasonal circadian rhythms, the sleep-wake patterns that determine your hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance.

Pineal gland is a small, rice-size, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ that sits alone in the  middle of your brain at eye level.

Fluoride (the bad kind of fluoride) will make this gland harden, resulting in less melatonin being produced, thus disturbing your wake-sleep cycle.

Below are some ways to help clean the pineal gland:

  • Iodine – I take nascent iodine
  • Calcium bentonite clay drink

Some of the ways to activate the pineal gland are:

  • Sun
  • Sleep in darkness with no electronics in bedroom
  • Meditation-directing energy to this highly sensitive organ

Children in the United States are reaching the age of puberty at earlier ages than in the past – a trend that carries health consequences, including a heightened risk for breast cancer.

Some evidence indicates that fluoride and it effects on the pineal gland could be a contributing to this trend.

Cities are now finding out that the fluoride that they are buying to put into city water if not a good fluoride and may, not only affect pineal gland but also IQ – research has been done in different countries.  And damages bone and may increase hip fractures in the elderly.  Fluoride may cause bone cancer, research by National Cancer Institute in young men in fluoridated versus fluoridated areas.  Fluoride may also cause reproductive problems.  There has been researching about the effects of Floride around the world.

Low-income families are especially penalized by fluoridation and are the very people being targeted by new fluoridation programs.

It is hard to inform low-income families and black and Hispanic children are more vulnerable to fluoride’s toxicity.  Now that you know the bad side of fluoride and if you do volunteer work in YOUR community – spread the word – once YOU know something YOU have to take action.


This is where the fluoride in most city water comes from,  it is not a pharmaceutical grade, instead, it comes from the wet scrubbing systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry so they can make money instead of putting it in a city landfill which is not allowed in most cities.

 Fluoride is an environmental health threat but it is easy to end.

Go to your city meetings and usually, there is an anti-fluoride group  — join them, help them and inform YOUR community and try to reach out the low-income families so they have the information they need to make good decisions for their families.

Healthy Nutrition

SELF needs to know what helps the mind function at a high level while aging…

Does YOUR mind have enough B-12, or other minerals, nutrients to help it function at its highest level every day?
My brain gets a variety of nutrients every day: all B vitamins, coconut oil, multivitamins, lithium oratate, plus other things for my Blood type-0 positive.
The right thoughts, the right nutrients, knowing and controlling SELF, are a good start to feeding YOUR mind the right things while aging.