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YOU and the Fibonacci series


Not unless you are a scientist or majoring in science and/or math

in college, YOU probably do not hear much or anything about the

Fibonacci series.


This series is in everything from the whole universe to the

smallest insect – architecture, plants, humans, and everything



The Fibonacci sequence is named after Italian mathematician

Leonardo of Pisa known as Fibonacci.  His 1202 book Liber Abaci

introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics.

The sequence described in Liber Abaci began with


F1 = 1.


YOU and I and everyone else is made up of this formula.

Everything in the universe-cannot stress that enough because

This series proves that there is a higher intelligence than there

has everything been in all the universe or here on the earth?


When you study the series YOU will realize how simple but how

complicated the universe and all is but the Great One did all this

and YOU have to accept that there is a Higher Power that put this

series together so that everything has the same foundation of the



I like the fact that all architecture comes from the sequence – as

YOU and I do and all the universe when you look at the Hubble

and you see all that is then YOU are in awe of what is ALL and

how only a Higher Power or God would make ALL.


The series is a set of numbers that starts with an on or a zero,

followed by a one, and proceeds based on the rule that each

number (called a Fibonacci number) is equal to the sum of the

preceding two numbers.


F (0) = 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 …….


The Fibonacci sequence is related to the golden ratio.  Both the

Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are used to guide design

for architecture, websites and user interface, among other



We are from all this sequence – as is everything else.

I think my favorite explanation is Michael Schneider – a

mathematician and teacher – explain the Fibonacci series using an

artichoke – he was in the documentary about Egyptian Mysteries

with Johnathan Anthony West – years ago.  But you would love to

watch him explain.


KNOWING where we are from is a good start for the basics of our

being and universe.


There is a lot of ancient history that WE do not know about – if

you will read Zachariah Sitchin – and his books that deciphered

from the Sumerian tablets over decades YOU can start to see the

puzzle being put together and making sense for where we are

right now.


Keep learning about SELF – keep learning and growing and

developing and then YOU will know:


What Does Life Expect from YOU?






YOU and MD Anderson Researcher

I have had a copy of Dr. Aggarwal’s book “Healing Spices” since it

first hit the market place.


Valuable information and has helped with my nutrition for my


Dr. Aggarwal has written a well documented book on spices and

appreciate his hard work  Each of the 50 spices he writes about

the history of the spice, what it does for YOU, what it may help to

prevent and/or treat, what it is good with other spices, recipes that

contain the spice, and then on top of that, a great recipe for the



The spice I am going to talk about today from “Healing Spices” is

turmeric.  One added note about another spice Dr. Aggarwal has

talked about:  On a radio show he was asked which spice he

considered the #1 spice and he said “black pepper” – I have

always loved black pepper and I buy organic pepper corn and

grind it over my food.  I believe the FDA allows a percentage of

difference substances in the regular spice in the store-so I do try

to limit cheap spices and if need a spice buy as organic as I can



The book is beautifully written and the wonderful pictures of the

spices themselves is beautifully done.


There have been more than 1,000 research studies with the same

result:  curcumin(part of turmeric) is anti-cancer and can fight

cancer on many levels:

Inhibit the activation of genes that trigger cancer

Inhibit the spread(proliferation) of tumor cells

Inhibit the transformation of a normal cell into a cancer cell

Kills cells that mutate into cancer

Shrink tumor cells

Prevent tumor from spreading to other organs

Prevent the development of the blood supply necessary for

cancer cells to form and spread

Enhance the cancer-destroying effects of chemotherapy and


Curcumin has exhibited some or all of these actions against 22

different types of cancer, including the biggest killers – breast,

colon, lung, and prostate.  It also slowed the progression of some

of the toughest-to-beat cancers, such as brain, bone, blood,

esophagus, liver, pancreas, stomach, uterine, and melanoma.

There is no other natural substance that has been found to

possess this degree of anti-cancer power.


Marco Polo discovered turmeric in China in 1280 and listed below

are some other health issues Turmeric may help:



Alzheimer’s disease




Diabetes, type 2

Heart disease

Parkinson’s disease


Recipe below may reduce wrinkles and many women in India use

it daily:

½ cup garbanzo(chickpea)flour

1-1/2 tablespoons turmeric

Sesame oil



Keep flour and turmeric in closed container

Mix 1 tablespoon mixture in small dish with about 5 drops of oil.

Add enough water to make paste.  Spread mixture on face(stay

clear of eyes) and 15 minutes will dry.  Wash off.


Turmeric recipe that I have used for years:

Any green vegetables that I have juiced

Add 1 tbsp. turmeric

Add ground pepper and/or Braggs olive oil – pepper and olive oil

will carry the turmeric around the body so it penetrates efficiently

into cells.

For Turmeric to absorb well into YOUR body it has to have the

black pepper or olive oil.


Healthy and Joy for aging





YOU and YOUR Spiritual Happiness


Spiritual Happiness is defined as pertaining to or consisting of

spirit; not material; incorporeal; pertaining to th min or intellect;

mental; intellectual; pertaining to the soul or its affections a

influenced by the Divine Spirit; proceeding from or controlled and

inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Or it is defined as;  The state or

quality of being ahppy.


This is from the website:


Spiritual happiness is quite rare, and characterized by the

following treaits; serenity, kindness, humility,  non-materialistic

tendencies and of course the happiness just flows from them.  A

spiritual happy person is in tune with and accepting of



I think of myself as SPIRUTUALLY HAPPY.  And I hope that the

traits listed above are some of my best traits.


Studies have shown that children are more resilient when they

have some kind of spiritual belief system.  And, of course, that

applies to adults also.


YOUR spirituality is inside of YOU.  We are all spiritual beings, we

all have spirits.


When do YOU need Spiritual Happiness?


Every minute of every day


When you develop your own spiritual beliefs, you will find life is

easier.  Depending on how long you search and how deep you

delve, you may also find answers to the “Why am I here?” type of

questions.  They will be answers that makes sense to you.


SELFhood is knowing YOU inside and when you discover inside

yourself, the more often you use it.  The more often you beome

aware of a connection to something ibgger, the stronger the

connection becomes.  There may be times in your life when your

spiritual beliefs are lal you have to keep you going.  If you spend

some time now really working out what feels right for you, then,

should your world come crashing down, your safety net will be

firmly in place.


I wish I had meditated for years while I was younger, so that what

feels right for me now has been growing for the last 30 years.


I meditate, and say Thank You lots of times during the day.  I read

a lot and have over the last 10 or so years built my personal

library up to about 2,000 books, most of them non-fiction about

ancient history, world history, JFK, Jesuits, Dr. John Coleman’s

books, etc.


To find the spiritual happiness you deserve, explore the spirutality

within you.  Define your belief system and live it.


A happy life is incomplete without spiritual happiness






YOU and how important sleep is to your MIND

Listed below are some of the effects of lack of sleep from

Can cause accidents

Dumbs you down

Lead to serious health problems

Can kill sex drive


Brain facts. Org has an article from Society for Neuroscience

about what happens to your brain when you are sleep-deprived:


Sleep deprivation is really bad for brain function.

The first known study about the negative effects of sleeplessness

was published in 1896.  Since then hundreds of studies have

established that sleep loss impairs various cognitive functions and

behavior, including arousal, attention, cognitive speed, memory,

emotional intelligence, and decision making.


Sleep deprivation can impair several brain networks that control

cognitive abilities and behavior, and research using brain imaging

technology, like functional magnetic resonance imaging(MRI),

suggest how.  When comparing the brain of someone who is

sleep-deprived to the brain of someone who has slept normally,

scientists have found reduced metabolism and blood flow in

multiple brain regions.  Reductions in blood flow and metabolism

are linked to impaired cognitive function and behavior.  These and

other findings over the years have contributed greatly to our

understanding the effects of sleep on brain function.


Dr. Mercola has an article on sleep deprivation and it says:

Science may still be discovering the mechanisms behind why

sleep is so important to your health, but you have probably

experienced waking up after a poor night’s sleep, feeling cranky,

over-tired and mentally foggy ad exhausted.

Sleep is one of the important pillars of good health.

Not all areas of the brain react in the same way to sleep

deprivation.  Some areas suffer from lack of sleep more than



When you are forced to go without electricity, such as camping or

if the power goes out, you sleep deeper and arise more rested.

Light sources at night interrupt your circadian clock and melatonin

levels, both responsible for how deeply you sleep and well-rested

you feel the next day.


Researchers from University of California Berkeley’s Sleep and

Neuroimaging Lab discovered that a lack of sleep leaves your

brain more vulnerable to proteins believed to trigger dementia.


Other research demonstrates that amyloid plaques, common in

Alzheimer’s disease, build up more quickly in sleep-deprived lab

animals.  A second study discovered how sleep clears toxins from

your brain while sleeping, reducing your potential risk for



Hypothyroidism, which I have, causes sleep deprivation and I take

melatonin and magnesium.  And I will be adding Honokiol and

vitamin B-3.


Have a Joyful day and week.





YOU and Healthy Cells for Healthy Aging

The following information is from – and I have gained

a lot of good health information from this website.


Your cells depend on adequate intakes of several nutrients to stay

healthy.  These nutrients come from a variety of foods in each

food group, and the best way to be sue you are getting the daily

recommendations for each is to eat a well-balanced diet.  You

may also want to include a supplement if you are having trouble

getting enough.



plays a large role in cell growth and repairs damaged cells as

well.  Most Americans get enough protein every day, but a

deficiency could result in health problems having to do with your

skin, hair, nails, blood, organs, and muscles.


Make sure you know how much protein your body needs a day.



Is a nutrient that builds healthy red blood cells, and a deficiency

could result in feelings of weakness or fatigue, otherwise know as

anemia.  Foods rich in iron include beans, beef, chicken, shrimp,

peas, dried fruit, etc.


Make sure you take enough iron each day.



Vitamin B-12

Supports the formation of new red blood cells and is only found in

animal foods.  Adults need 2.4 mcg. Of this B vitamin a day


Make sure you are getting enough B-12 every day



Are present in many foods, and they fight the free radical damage

that occurs through exposure to environmental toxins and a poor

diet, both of which damage cells and increase the risk of health

problems that include cancer and heart disease.


I have written a Blog on the soil and depletion of nutrients in the

soil now, so it is me believe, and I do daily, is take a quality,

prescription grade vitamins and supplements which I get at an only

local pharmacy or from quality producers.  I would never, ever buy

anything at a corner drug store or a grocery store that they called

vitamins or supplements.


The website: has some good information on how to

keep YOUR cells happy and aging healthy.  It says:


Our bodies are battlegrounds against infection and diseases.

Normal body functions, such as breathing or physical activity, and

other lifestyle habits produce substances called free radicals that

attack healthy cells.  When these healthy cells are weakened,

they are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease and certain

types of cancers.  Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E and

carotenoids, which include beta-carotene, lycopene, and lutein –

help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.








YOU and keeping JOY every day

Remember that even SMILING helps keep your CELLS happy so

just imagine having JOY every day does to your health and aging.

We all go through trauma during our lifetime and hopefully, we

can go through it and come out of that tunnel as fast as possible.

I am a believer that the longer we allow ourselves to be grieve,

have anxiety, hang onto anger, do not forgive SELF or others,

then the longer, we will not have JOY.  We each deserve JOY and

to have it every day, even for a few minutes every day is a

wonderful and JOYful thing.


Here from the website are some tips for JOY.

  1. Tell a new story change your story into whatever you want it to be.
  1. Feel the thoughts that make you feel good.

The sun in your face.  Sitting on your deck.  Being with a

Loved one.  Thinking happy memories.

  1. Spring clean your belief system

Beliefs are only thoughts that we keep thinking.  No belief is

set in stone.

  1. Get happy now
  1. get into gratitude
  1. create a bliss board

fill a board with [ictures, captions or words that you want your life to reflect.

  1. Take a lea[ of faith.

Have new experiences

Here are some tips from and some of their

suggestion for Joy:

  1. Lie down and think
  1. jump up and down
  1. sing out
  1. do something nice for someone
  1. pick three things to dream about today
  1. write someone a note
  1. make a card and send it
  1. do a dance
  1. breathe deep, hold, then release
  1. scrub a surface
  1. look at flowers
  1. give a darn
  1. read a real book
  1. go to tea and renew a friendship
  1. sit by or walk along the water

JOY is a state of mind.  We are going to go through valleys and

mountain tops in our life.  If you have not had those valleys and

mountain tops than I believe YOU should start a journal about

why those 2 emotions have not been in your life.  But, for most of

us that have had those emotions and feelings in our life than to

find that JOY we all need for most of our life we need to:

Forgive SELF

Forgive Others

Let go of anger

Change SELF

SMILE and have JOY today




YOU and genetically modified organizes in Apples

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and his website has written an article about GMOs – nearly 40

countries around the world have banned GMOs from their food

production because due to health and environmental concerns.

WHY do YOU and all Americans still have them in our food



As reported by Stat News, researchers have found a new,

dangerous way to tinker with the genetic basis of the world’s food

supply with clear regulatory guidance.  These so-called “gene-

edited” foods are set to make their big debut soon.  Next-

generation genetically modified food, or what some are referring

to as GMO 2.0 can be altered through “editing or editing genes,

turning genes on or off, or even creating entirely new DNA

sequences on a computer.


The GMO industry has spent millions of dollars to prevent

mandatory labeling and regulatory instances have not yet caught

up with the latest biotechnology techniques, most of these new

GMO foods will be labeled “no-GMO” or even “natural.”


One of the first “gene-edited “foods that have already emerged in

some stores across the US is the Arctic Apple, which is sold in

sorted pre-sliced and ready to eat.  These altered apples do not

turn brown when exposed to air, not even when rotten.


Please shop at farmer’s market for the organic and fresh items

you need.  I buy chickens, beef, pork products at farmer’s market

plus, the vegetables.  That are so good and flavorful – not like in

The 1950s but as close as we can get today.  Or grow your own

garden and raise a few chickens for eggs.


Sodas have high-fructose corn syrup and other ingredient’s that

affect your health and certainly causing the aging process to not

go well for your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.


4-MEI is an impurity in caramel coloring that is created during the

manufacturing.  Studies show that long-term exposure to 5_MEI

increase incidence of lung cancer in both male and female mice-

which in long-term humans would certainly have that effect.


Former senior EPA scientist confirms that fluoride lowers the IQ of

children.  We are talking about fluoride put in city water systems –

not the fluoride on the periodic table, completely different fluoride.


Please be careful about drinking tap water, buy or grow your own

vegetables, and read the labels on canned, boxed, or bagged

food for any high-fructose corn syrup and other man-made

ingredients that will affect your health for long-term.


Did you know that crystal meth is used by children – prescription

from doctors under the name Adderall?


Be Joyful and have a peaceful week.






YOU and YOUR Rebounder


I have had a rebounder for almost 20 years do not buy a cheap

one.  The one I purchased was about 250-300 and I purchased

my daughter and her husband one several years ago and it was

little over 300.  Well worth the money for the benefits.


This is how rebounding works on YOUR body.  As YOU bounce

upward, speed increases causing acceleration.  At the top of the

bounce, there is a short period of time during which one is

suspended feeling virtually weightless.  At this time the

mechanical stressors that cause pressure and irritation in the

bodies when one stands, are lifted, allowing for cellular

decompression and tension relief


Returning to the bottom of the bounce, one decelerates and the

body momentarily stops at the feet sink into the trampoline.

During this split second, one is exposed to the joint forces of

deceleration and gravity, causing the body to react as though the

gravitational pull of the earth has actually been increased.  This

dynamic impact forces the cells to adapt, thus strengthening them

over time.


Rebounding is a matter of harnessing the natural energies that

are inherent in our world to use to our advantage.

Listed below are 20 benefits of rebounding:

  1. Increases respiratory capacity
  1. circulates greater oxygen to tissues
  1. Creates higher equilibrium between tissue oxygen need and oxygen availability
  1. Greatly enhances muscular and valvular fluid exchange, lightening the heart’s workload
  1. Teds to reduce levels of arterial blood pressure during exercise
  1. Lessens the higher blood-pressure period after exercise
  1. 7 Increases red=cell production activity of the bone marrow (raising oxygen-delivery capacity)
  1. Aids venous blood flow as well as lymph flow (enhancing waste-cleaning)
  1. Strengthens heart muscle and other muscles, causing them to work with greater efficiency.
  1. Stimulates metabolic activity
  1. Promotes growth and tissue repair
  1. Tones the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, to increase output
  1. Enhances the body’s alkaline reserve for potential emergency output
  1. Conserves physical strength and efficiency
  1. Improves coordination through enhanced transmission of nerve impulses and muscle response
  1. Produces vigor through increased muscle fiber tone
  1. Provides relief from neck and back pains, headaches and pains due to poorly toned physiology
  1. Enhances digestion and elimination
  1. Stimulates lymph flow for increased immunity and cold/allergy prevention
  1. Creates purer sleep and relaxation


PREVENTION is my motto and I do that with organic foods,

nutrition, and exercise.  I became hypothyroid before I knew what

had happened to me.  After that, in the 1980s, I took charge to

make sure I did not get any more disease that would affect my aging.


I am 75 now and still do PREVENTION with organic foods, nutrition, and exercise.


Life is Good and full of JOY





YOU and B-12

GET YOUR B-12 tested at your next physician annual blood work exam.


Kelly Brogan, M.D. wrote an article on her website about a paper

he had red in the psychiatric literature about a 57-year-old

a woman who was treated with  months of both antipsychotics and

antidepressant medications and given two rounds of

treatment before anyone bothered to check her

vitamin B12 level.


Her symptoms were years in the making including tearfulness,

anxiety, movement abnormalities, constipation lethargy, and

eventually perceptual disturbances(hearing her name called) and

the ultimate in severe psychiatric pathology, catatonia.  Despite her

inpatient treatment, she remained suicidal, depressed, and


Within two months of identifying her deficiency, and subsequent

B12 treatment, she reverted to her baseline of 14 years previous,

and remained stable with no additional treatment.

Much of what we attribute to serotonin and dopamine

“deficiencies”  melts away under the investigative eye of a more

personalized style of medicine that seeks to identify hormonally,

nutritional, and immune imbalances that can “look” psychiatric in



B12 supports myelin(which allows nerve impulses to conduct) and

when this vitamin is deficient, has been suspected to symptoms such as dementia, sclerosis, impaired gait, and

sensation.  Clinically, B12 may be best known for its role in red

blood cell production.  Deficiency states may result in pernicious

anemia.  But what aboutB12’s role in psychiatric symptoms such

as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and even psychosis.


Also, Dr. Mercola has an article entitled Long-term use of proton

pump inhibitors and other antacids can cause vitamin B12


Dr. Mercola has some great articles on his website about B and B


Homocysteine levels have been shown from research that being

controlled might be able to reduce brain shrinkage, thereby

the slowing onset of Alzheimer’s.Elevated homocysteine is linked to

brain degeneration and B vitamins are known to suppress


A 2010 study, in which participants again receiver higher than

normal doses of B vitamins, also found that people receiving B

vitamins experienced far less brain shrinkage than the placebo



Below, is a list of benefits of vitamin B12

Healthy nerve cells, red blood cell formation, energy, and DNA


Can reduce overall severity and frequency of allergies and asthma


Dementia or Alzheimer’s


Focus and concentration

Healthy eyes

Healthy hair, skin, and nails

Healthy heart

Increased male fertility

Pain reduction


Strong bones


If ou maintain an optimal level of B12, taking more will not

increase your energy levels.

Low levels can definitely adversely affect your memory and other

cognitive functions.


B-12 should never be taken unless you have the blood work done

by your doctor or a good lab.  Know that you are deficient before

taking B-12.

Taking more B-12 than your body requires is not going to do you

any good.


Always be mindful of not having enough or having too much of



Have Joy, Be Happy and at Peace







YOU and Everything is Energy

That is a basic scientific fact.  Everything is energy.  There is a

subtle bio-energy that flows through all of life, through all the



Some people call it life force and others call it chi.  This bio-

energy ha a vibration to it.  It can be measured; it is expressed as

an electromagnetic vibrational frequency.  And so, everything has

a frequency.


Emotions have frequency and so do thoughts.  Solids have



The difference lies in the varying levels of frequencies.

Those with consciousness such as humans experience higher

energy frequency states.

Not all humans vibrate at the same levels.  And then we do not

always vibrate at optimum energy frequency states.


One main reason is because we allow our negative emotions and

limiting thoughts to be in charge.  It happens when we are easily

affected by what other people say and when we put ourselves

down by old and unhelpful beliefs.  Whether we hold positive or

negative thoughts and emotions can affect our energy state.


There have been some reports that negative thoughts lower our

frequency by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raise our frequency

by 10 MHz


Another reason is that we undertake unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Our choices are reflected in the food we eat, the harmful products

we use, and the toxins we consume daily.  Pathogens have a low

frequency.  So do pollutants, both particulate and radiation(EMF).

Processed and canned food have a frequency of zero and can

greatly diminish our frequency.


When we become out of balance excessively and over prolonged

periods of time, our body’s natural ability to heal itself declines.

We are not able to operate optimally.  Consequently, we find that

we are not in the best state to attract abundance and live the life

we desire.


Studies conducted by Eastern Washington University and using a

Calibrated Frequency Monitor developed by Taino Technology

showed the measurable influence essentials oils had on the body,

specifically focusing on Young Living.


Pure grade essential oils range in frequency from 52 to 580 MHz

A healthy body from head to foot, typically has a frequency

ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while desease begins at 57 MHz.

A higher biometric frequency encourages our body to regenerate

damaged cells, build a higher immune defense to viruses as well

as sustain energy vitality.


John Hopkins University now implements a CFM in their study of



Dr. Royal R. Rife, M.D. (198801971) conducted research with a

machine he developed called a “frequency generator” that applies

currents of specific frequencies to the body.   He concluded that

every disease has a specific frequency.  His research

demonstrated that certain frequencies could prevent the

development of disease, and that others would neutralize