white-1158166_1280Spiritual Peace


Life is difficult as Dr. Peck said but if we do not budget and control

our finances it is very, very stressful also and your spirit will not be

at peace.


Have you read George S. Clason’s book:?

“The Richest Man in Babylon”?

It is a fast read and will help you look within at your own

financial success, and financial success is different for

everyone and means different things for each of us.

I will just mention a couple of items from his book:

  1. Start the purse to fattening.
  1. Control your expenditures.
  1. Make your money multiply
  1. Guard your treasurers from loss.
  1. Make of your dwelling a profitable investment.
  1. Insure a future income.
  1. Increase your ability to earn.


Orin and DaBen:

The the spirit of abundance that is in each of you.  May you

recognize your greatness, discover your path, and make the

contribution you came to make.





Peace of mind, body and spirit is my daily mantra.  Being in

control of my day but with peace and harmony in all I do.

Read the following as a daily meditation:


Are the source

Will discover what you want

Can become abundant

Can magnetize what you want



Will follow your inner guidance

Can allow success

Can transform your beliefs

Let money flow

Can trust

Can have miracles


Can do what you love

Discover your life’s work

Have what it takes

Believe in yourself

Can move to your Higher Path



Have value and worth

Have joy and appreciation

Can give and receive

Have clarity and harmony

Have money


Be grateful and appreciative of everyday but:

Everyday work towards that Higher Path


Sometimes in life you may have a job that is not where you

really want to be so when those times come to each of us.


Be prepared to make the MOST of that time in YOUR

growth and development into that Higher Path you are

working towards.  Be especially kind to SELF during those

difficult times in life.


When I travel or taking an auto trip – that can be very stressful

But the best way I have found to make it as peaceful as possible

Is to take a deep breath, tell myself not to hurry, and of course,

Listen to some very good quitening music.


To keep YOUR spirit in harmony and at peace always remember


Viktor Frankl’s theory of YOUR life’s meaning is above everything.


To get to that Higher Path; to that balance of mind, body and


Spirit; to harmony and peace.    I have always had projects that I


have done since the children were little and I was a stay at home


mother;  sewing, garden, painting, and volunteering.  Dr. Frankl’s


story and his theory are very profound to my life and I hope you


can take the time to read his book:  “Man’s Search for Meaning”.


I think it will add to your life’s meaning also.